Revels: Day 3



Category: Crescendo

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Chorale celebrated music. From western to eastern, gazals to carols, the participants had it all in store for the audience. Like any other competition, this had its own set of rules. Each team was supposed to have at the least four and maximum of 8 participants and was given seven minutes to perform. There would not have been a better way to bear a scorching afternoon than to fall under the shade of melodies. The participants presented the audience with beautiful mashup of popular tracks like Love me like you do, Sugar, See you again and kawalis. The beautiful blend of gazals and western music only added to the fact that music is the language of spirit. Songs like Noor-e-khuda, Khwaja mere khwaja and carols proved the divine connection between god and the mankind.

-Shravani Vyakarnam, for MTTN.

Cognitive Control

Category: Psychus

The second round was held on Day 2 of the fest. This event tested the memory of its participants. The competition had three levels. Participants were shown 15 images on the screen for 5 minutes and were given a minute to write down everything they remembered. This constituted the first round. Bonus marks were awarded to the participants who wrote the images in the mentioned sequence. The second round was similar, but this time the images on the screen increased to 30. As the levels increased, the intricacy of challenges increased. In the third round the participants were shown the images and a number. The challenge was to remember the number and the image associated with it and write it down. The event sailed smoothly with the participants reaching the destination.

-Shravani Vyakarnam, for MTTN


Category: Paradigm Shift


The elimination round of the Revels debate took place on the third day of the cultural fest. It was characterised by, as all good debates often are, powerful rhetoric, vitriolic diatribes and engaging topics that whetted the curiosity of the crowd. The debaters battled it out in three rounds of closely contested debating spread over two days where they were awarded scores on the basis of their ranking decided upon by the adjudicators. The eight teams with the highest scores moved on to the semi-finals. Topics dealing with the death penalty and free speech aroused fresh passion in the debaters who gave hair raising speeches. In a filmi twist the event also saw underdogs doing unexpectedly well, taking everyone by surprise. The event culminates in a semi-final and subsequently the finals on the last day of Revels for which everyone waits with baited breath.

-Shagun Nevatia, for MTTN


Category: Anubhuti

One of the most talked about events among those on the day three of Revels 2016 was the concluding round of Bahas, a hindi debate competition. The motion of the debate was announced as ‘JNU has become a home of traitors & a theatre of national politics.’, the burning issue of the nation. The finale saw six participants in all who came effusively prepared with their material on both sides (for & against) of the pre-announced motion.

The first round required half the audience to speak for the motion and half to speak against it. As the event moved ahead, the tension in the room grew intense with the bitter facts spoken and debated amongst the participants. The third round was the fascinating one, which made the participants speak for the opposite side of their motion, in-favour participants speaking against & vice-versa. The ultimate round of the event was a way to decide the winning side of the debate, where twelve people from the audience were against the motion while thirteen people supported the statement. Only a difference of one vote! The ceremony saw a lot of arguments, a lot of flowery language and an incident questioning the fairness of the judges themselves! JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar, Afzal Guru and Kashmir became the trending words of the event. The two hour long ‘Bahas’ ended up giving everyone the chills.

-Ayush Agarwal,for MTTN


Category: Paradigm Shift

JAM (Just a Minute) was an event created to test spontaneity as well as proficiency of speech. The speakers were given 60 seconds to speak on a topic without deviation, plagiarism, repetition of ideas or hesitation. The observing participants could object if the speaker committed any such error, and this was the idea behind “jamming” the speaker.

Each round consisted of six speakers. The speakers were tested with multiple JAM rounds. One such round was the “Rhyme Round”. Another popular round, which went by the name of “Disco”, tested the participants’ ability to make sure that their speeches were completely unrelated to the ones before theirs. This turned out to be much harder than it sounded, as speakers got jammed for relating topics like the Sun and an apple as an apple requires sunlight to grow!

The delight round turned out to be quite an interesting round, where the participants were asked to mimic famous catchphrases before declaring their jam. The atmosphere in the room was electric as everybody was actively involved in the event!

– Debleena Ganguly, for MTTN

Improv Asylum

Category: Dramebaaz

Dramebaaz’s opening event (Improv Asylum) left some pretty big shoes to fill. It’s safe to say that their Day-3 event, Improv Comedy, rose magnificently to the occasion.

After quite a tardy start, the event kicked off in full swing with a jam packed classroom. It consisted of teams of four taking part in various games structured around improvisation, with each team participating in three out of five games. The first game was ‘Questions Only’, in which participants would keep a conversation going whilst only being allowed to speak in questions. The second, FreezeTag, was an improv-oriented acting game where the moderator would swap in a teammate as he fancied. The third game, Lost in Translation, involved the teams wittily improvising dialogue to a muted video clip (dubbing). Next was Alphabet, where the participants had to enact a scene whilst providing dialogue in an alphabetically ordered manner, and lastly Park Bench where a member of the team had to be seated at a ‘park bench’ while the others improvised annoying characters in an attempt to get each other off the ‘bench’, in succession.

From intensely descriptive storyline and the magic of improvised comedic dialogues to the fumbles, quick wit and outright explosive acting of the participants, the audience as well as the judges were left in splits throughout the course of the show, leaving an aura of euphoria in the room which made this an event not to be missed.

-Yohaan Markose, for MTTN

Mischief managed

Category: Omniscience

Day 3 of Mischief Managed, and the search for the Chosen One was down to the last six witches and wizards.

The final round entailed an all out free-for-all duel (on paper) in a manner similar to those familiar with the Third Triwizard Task. The six contestants had to navigate a maze filled with magical obstacles, dead ends and even horcruxes in a race to the last clue – The Deathly Hallows. Their journey however was nothing short of arduous, filled with challenging questions of increasing difficulty. Even the questions were treacherous in their own right, bringing you down on points if answered incorrectly. The maze also contained quirky couplets and bewildering riddles that captivated its contestants whilst ensuring their undivided attention.

The event was a great success, to muggles and purebloods alike and, safe to say as the Chosen One is on the verge of being crowned, they can triumphantly swear -Mischief Managed!

-Yohaan Markose, for MTTN


Category: Kalakriti


In tune with the Revels ’16 spirit, Kalakriti’s collage-making competition revolved around the theme ‘Daastan’. Teams of twos and threes were given the required stationary and an hour’s time to portray a story that inspires, which was then judged on the basis of its innovativeness. Walk into the room, and your senses would be in a frenzy with the heavy scent of glue, the sight of paper-bits strewn across desks, and the sound of scissors snapping at snippets of newspapers. Surprisingly, the number of guys who turned up for the event almost matched the number of girls (almost). Their synergy resonated with creativity, as hands artistically weaved the bits together to make an intricate fabric which depicted a beautiful Daastan.

-Tejal Khullar, for MTTN

Creative Writing

Category: Paradigm Shift

A guilt of clouds has cloaked the moon 

The dew has cleansed these grassy plains

Each dawn like this leaves me a loon

For this scene’s akin to sweet summer’s land

(One of the prompts of Creative Writing)

A very calm aura emanated from NLH 205 as MIT’s writers poured in to attend, ‘Creative Writing’, the event where no word goes unnoticed. As everyone in the room exchanged nonchalant glances, we all knew that deep down inside everyone prayed they wouldn’t be overcome by ‘Writer’s Block’.

Participants could unveil their thoughts on six very riveting prompts in both poetry and prose. The topics that had been provided to the writers required them to think in a very atypical manner. As everyone sat musing on the prospects of their words, it seemed as though the silence of the room fostered new ideas and harbored a sense of amongst the very talented set of individuals.

The prompts made everyone introspect and bring out the words from within. They brought out their own Dastaan on paper.

-Dhruv Suri, for MTTN

Lights, Camera, Action

Category: Dramebaaz


The eventn was about short films. Stories filmed and shot into 10 minute entries. The theme that was to be adhered to, was ‘silver lining’: hope, and the possibility of a better time.

The audience was sparse, but interested. It was a very particular event, catering to the tastes of enthusiasts and creators more than a general audience. The stories were about social issues, molestation, problems in a gay love life, poverty and hunger among many others. Most stories seemed to be off the theme, but if looked at artistically, there was a way to find hope, and its loss when circumstances turn dire.

The play had seven entries from Manipal, and 4 from outstation participants. There is hardly anyway to say which was the best or most impactful. Each of them picked a new topic, and a new point-of-view. A line from one of the stories:

“If it doesn’t bother you enough, don’t complain either”                                                                                                              A statement of great truth, and among those small attempts to usher a great change.

-Qais Akolawala, for MTTN

Step up

Category: Footloose

“Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.”

Step-Up, is an Impromptu solo dance event by Footloose. The event took place at the stage set up opposite the innovation centre. The event was judged by Mr. Nausha Shetty from the Civil Department and Mrs. Roopashri Shetty from the CSE Department.

The event had 4 rounds in total. In the first round we saw all participants perform a piece for 1 minute each. In the second round, selected participants were chosen from the previous round to perform as a face-off with props that were kept on stage. The third round was a face-off without props and two participants were then chosen to be a part of the final round, which was a face-off yet again. The participants enthralled the audience with their moves and the quirky choice of music such as theme songs of Sinchan, Doremon and Power Puff girls, not only caught the attention of the audience but also took them down memory lane.

As the event came to an end, it was not just a visual treat for the audience but the nostalgic feeling they had is something worth remembering event for.

-Safah Sait, for MTTN

Faking News

Category: Paradigm Shift


Everything we see is just a perspective, not the truth.

The room was quiet, as it was nearly empty with the mere twelve selected participants and a few organizers. The rules of round 2 were quite simple. Every participant is shown a muted video clip of a random movie for 2 minutes, following which they would have to relay their interpretation of the clip to the audience.

That was when things started getting interesting. What happens when the Hulk’s overwhelming anger is compared to the mood swings of Indian politicians or when it’s implied that 21 Jump Street was about Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum getting high due to scarcity of food?

Let’s just say, some of the craziest theories were put forth in that room today. All in all, we had a creative and fun filled session of faking news.

-Alanna Thomas, for MTTN

Catch 22

Category: XVenture

It was a hot summer afternoon. The sight that awaited the participants was a large field covered with dry and wilted bushes and brambles. Amidst this, a number of obstacles were set up. They reminded a person of a military training field.

Today’s task welcomed 30 teams, consisting of 2 members each. The rules were simple. The members of each team would have to overcome the hurdles simultaneously. The teams would be judged based on the time taken to complete the task. The course consisted of obstacles that the participants had to crawl under, jump over, balance themselves upon and much more. It also included flipping truck sized wheels and undergoing a three legged race.

In spite of it giving us a déjà vu of Big Boss , catch 22 was a physically exerting, yet fun filled activity.

-Alanna Thomas, for MTTN

The Spyglass

Category- EQ/IQ

Mysteries, puzzles and murder scene scenarios are some of the things that bring out the Sherlock in us in search for the truth. But do we know what is it that makes Sherlock or any other detective for that matter, a detective?

The answer is the deductive ability possessed by that individual. Deduction was what the event The Spyglass was all about. All the contestants that made it to the through the first round were gathered in the NLH for the final challenge. The officials then explained the rules of the race.

Each team would be given a list of tools. After this they’ll be given a separate clue to a specific location anywhere inside the MIT campus. After reaching the location there will be an event official with a murder case which was in need of the detectives. After hearing the story the ‘wannabe detectives’ would have to solve it under 4 minutes. After giving the answer to the official they would be given the location of the next location. Each team would have to cover in total of 5 location in under an hour and get back to the NLH room for the results.

So basically it was a race for the truth and the honour to beat the other contestants in the realm of deduction.

-Sudhanshu Kadre, for MTTN

Two of a Kind

Category: Footloose


Footloose came up with yet another sensational event, “Two of a Kind” on 11 March 2016. As the name suggests, the dance competition was aimed at finding the perfect dance duos in Manipal and the other participating colleges.

The competition consisted of two rounds, round 1 being the most insane. Each duo was allotted a random song to dance to, and a famous dance duo, whom they should impersonate. This information was provided to each team just 10 minutes prior to their performances. Judging by the time crunch, a spectator would easily deduce the outcomes to be drastic, but the course of events that followed proved every skeptic in the room completely wrong.

The main objective of round 1 was to observe and analyze the amount of co-ordination and synchronization that the duo shared. The dances were so incredible, one might think as if it was already rehearsed a lot of times. Each duo performed for 4-5 minutes, spontaneously. Their each move was immensely coordinated, as if there were some sort of a strong, unbreakable, telepathic connection between the duo. And as the participants set the stage on fire, their energy started becoming contagious. Soon, the audience started to groove along with the beats, and the entire atmosphere was enchanting. We got to see a huge variety of dances, ranging from semi and neo classical, to break dances.

The second round was pretty standard, wherein the selected top duos perform their own, rehearsed jam. Teams from VIT also put up a great performance alongside. This round did not contain any element of surprise, and each duet raised the winning notch a bit higher successively.

-Diptark Bose, for MTTN

Lie to Me

Category: Psychus


Lying is the act of purposely supplying false information to the target. How to find a person is lying or not? The general consensus would be a mechanized lie detector machine. But one can find if a person is lying or not simply by carefully analyzing his body movements and his tone modulation.

The 3rd round of Lie to Me was a challenge of finding out if the speaker is telling the truth or is he the guilty liar. The contestants were each given a set of question that had specific two answer out of which the contestant can choose on her will and she will be given a time frame of 15 minutes for formulating their answers and the points on the respective questions. But when the participant is called on the stage she’s given a choice of two chits which consisted of the two words ‘TRUTH’ or ’FALSE’. Given the case she chooses ‘TRUTH’ she sticks with her original answer and her points. But if she has to lie, she will have to take the other provided answer as her own answer and lie to the others. The task of the remaining spectating contestants is to find out if she’s lying or not. If someone answers correctly that spectating contestant is given a plus point and subsequently points are cut from the speakers share.

“The trait of a very good liar is that he convinces people that he’s a bad one”

-Sudhanshu Kadre, for MTTN.

Mr and Ms. Revels

Category: EQ/IQ


Mr. & Ms. Revels was not your conventional beauty pageant. It was an event that recognized the most talented male and female of Revels, 2016. This adaptation of a beauty pageant was quite an interesting event, which consisted of four rounds.

The first round tested the public speaking and debating skills of the participants. The topic was “Are Indian audiences prejudiced against adult comedies?” where some speakers spoke for the topic, and others against. The debate was intriguing as the contestants had opposing and intriguing perspectives.

The second round was a talent round, where the participants displayed their talents in the form of slam poetry, singing, dancing and acting. The audience was entertained by their performances, as some of the participants sang famous songs like “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran and “Climb” by Miley Cyrus.

The third round, a rapid fire round, was probably the most exhilarating round. Random questions were shot at at the participants, which they had to correctly answer, without pausing to think, in a given period of time.

The final round was the judges round, where the contestants were questioned by the judge. Though the audience turn-out was not as much as expected, the quality of the event was well up to the mark!


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