The Beginning of an End

He stood across the road, facing a dingy looking club with a disyllabic name, and wondered what memories would be made here.

She walked in with two trolleys—one in each hand. One blue, one red (too bad, for cliché VIP trolleys), one trekking bag on her back, and one on

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Revels: A Walk Down the Memory Lane

Imagine barely sleeping for four days yet having all the energy in the world to run around all day. From food stalls to various crowds from various colleges, Revels is full of bustling activities. The four days of the cultural fest promise to be the most memorable time of the … Continue Reading

Blitzkrieg: The Year that Was

Keshav Goyal (President, Blitzkrieg) and Trianka Mitter (Vice President, Blitzkrieg) warmly welcomed us into their practice studio at AB-5 for the chat we’d been scheduling for quite some time now. After having represented India in Hip Hop International 2016 at Vegas, they’re nothing short of India’s best Mega Crew. However, Continue Reading

Meeting Mars Rover Manipal

Today, MTTN got a chance to interview one of our institute’s youngest technical teams, Mars Rover Manipal. Having earned immense recognition on an international platform, the team was in quite a jovial mood while displaying their rover model at the Innovation Centre this afternoon.

MTTN: Could you give us an Continue Reading

Fuel RC Burnout

Burnout, the second event of the 4 events under Fuel RC, took place on day 2 of Tech Tatva. Fuel RC is a non elimination category, in which participation in all its events is compulsory since the winners will be announced according to the total points scored from the events.Continue Reading

Fuel RC Timeout

Think demolishing expensive cars, spending millions on CGI, and whipping out Vin Diesel’s abs whenever possible is the only recipe for a fast and furious experience? Fuel RC disagrees.

The Block-13 stretch was lined today with expectant onlookers standing under the flaming sun, tapping their feet to the beat of Continue Reading

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