The afternoon session of the first day of IGCLA on September 15, 2016 began with a short demonstration of basic suturing skills in the Anatomy Dissection Hall. Registered students were divided into groups of 12 and assigned to a senior member of the Cutting Edge club. In this demonstration, the students were taught seemingly small but extremely helpful techniques and trivia like how to hold forceps and scissors in a surgically accurate manner, the difference between needle forceps and artery forceps, the difference between cutting edge needles and round base needles and basic loading rules. With that, the students were given about half an hour to hone their suturing skills and perform a simple interrupted and a simple continuous suture on a rubber model, which was supervised by seniors. Doctors from the Department of Surgery, KMC Manipal, showed students how to perform bowel anastomoses. Basically, these anastomoses are of 3 types: End-End, Side-Side and End-Side. They may be hand-sewn (as was traditional) or stapled (which was developed recently). After various hand-sewn demonstrations, students were again allowed to suture, but with actual, preserved intestines. This was a thrilling and exciting experience for those who were performing a suture for the very first time in their lives.

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