In times of sickness and health

You know you’re an adult when you’d rather stay sick than pick up the phone and make your own doctor’s appointment!

How often have you put off going to the dreaded, cumbersome KMC, and instead lay shivering under layers of blankets, feeling more homesick than ever? Well, you’re not alone. … Continue Reading

How do I get my hostel deposit back?

Expectations: Where’s the party tonight?

Reality: Bhindi pau kilo, tomato ek kilo….


For some of us, the battle of convincing our parents to let us move out of the hostels and into an apartment closely resembles the struggles our ancestors went through to achieve freedom and independence for our … Continue Reading

Haute Couture: Celebrate Fashion


Picture this: an explosion of color, music and cutting edge designs. Models dancing and shimmying their way up and down the runways to the cheers of the gaping audience. Strobe lights going crazy as the artists walk the ramp.

Haute Couture brought the theme for this year’s Revels to … Continue Reading

Manipal Ally March

An ordinary Sunday afternoon took a sudden turn, as a large, colourful group of students, bearing balloons and banners, and chanting slogans took over the streets, on the 5th of February, 2017, as Manipal witnessed its first ever LGBTQ Ally March. This event was made a success due to … Continue Reading


Somebody once asked me “What is home to you?”

At the time, I found the question to be quite simple, ridiculous even. Home was, well… Home. Where my mother would be found bustling around the house, juggling her job, while finnicking over mundane details such as the flower arrangement outside … Continue Reading



A tiny rock, hidden inside the mud
Emerges onto the surface.
A crow pecks at it
And prods it
Until it falls into the stream
And gets swept, along with the other rocks.
Each irregular and unique in its own way
Deviated from its journey, now flows along with
Continue Reading

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