How do I get my hostel deposit back?

Expectations: Where’s the party tonight?

Reality: Bhindi pau kilo, tomato ek kilo….


For some of us, the battle of convincing our parents to let us move out of the hostels and into an apartment closely resembles the struggles our ancestors went through to achieve freedom and independence for our country. Those who emerge victorious are left with scars, haunted by the ghosts of hostel security deposits, mess refunds, utility refunds, etc.

Once you finally make it out, you soon come to realize that a little extra cash never hurt nobody. So how does one apply for the elusive hostel refund? Lucky for you, after multiple visits to the academic section, chief warden’s office, finance section, food court and hostel blocks, we at MTTN have broken down the code to retrieve your deposit hassle-free!

Step 1- Go to the Chief Warden’s Office, AB1. Collect the moving out form.

Step 2- This form consists of several parts. Fill in your personal details (name, registration number, branch, CGPA, etc.) Next fill in Part B. and Part C., which require your parent/guardian details (name, occupation, contact number, email ID, address, etc).

Step 3- Attach two passport size photographs as well as a letter from your parents granting you permission to move out of MIT Hostels and submit them along with the moving out form at the Chief Warden’s Office.

Step 4- Collect the vacating form. This may be available in the Department of Student Welfare. Fill in the account details for the refund (bank name, branch, IFSC code, etc).

Step 5- Bring this form to the Food Court. Submit it at the FC office (next to the ATM adjacent to FC). The form must get stamped here to declare the absence of any mess dues.

Step 6- Take the form to the hostel block (Yes, you do have to go back there). The caretakers will fill in the moving in and out dates. The form must further be approved and signed by the hostel warden.

Step 7- Submit the form, along with a copy of the email from your parents granting you permission to move out of the MIT Hostels, at the Chief Warden’s Office. Once is it approved by the Chief Warden, make sure that the form is forwarded to the Finance Section.

Step 8- The refund procedure may take up to 20-30 days. You may contact the EDU Finance Section (Phone number: +91 820 292 2703) to know the status of your refund.

Happy moving!

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