Tech Tatva ’16

It’s that time of year again where innovation meets incipient engineers and the result of which is Manipal’s biggest technical festival. Tech Tatva 2016 is here and primed to flabbergast and engage the attention of every student with even a shred of jugaad within them. Tech Tatva, ever since its inception, has been a major... Continue Reading →

The Spark of DC Design

Car models are better than role models. - Dilip Chabbria, DC Design Loud as a roaring Avanti, the crowd erupted into cheers as Mr. Chhabria and his wife, Cherry, graced the auditorium with their presence. Organized by The Think Tank, A Fireside Chat with Dilip Chhabria was not just an informative insight into the mind of... Continue Reading →

What You’ll Need in Manipal

You’ve probably seen it in the movies. ‘The day’ arrives and your teary-eyed family bids you farewell as you drive away to your new home - to college. What the movies don’t show you, are the days of scrambling, packing and last minute shopping that go into deciding your college essentials. The bravest of freshmen... Continue Reading →

How to use Spotify in India

With exams right around the corner, it’s nice to have some music to listen to while you slog away at your study table. Some of us like to listen to familiar tunes while others prefer to discover. Some want heavy electronic beats while others simply demand soothing instrumentals. Whatever your cravings are, there’s one service... Continue Reading →

Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

Manipal University, in its 60 years of establishment, has produced a plethora of illustrious and highly acclaimed entrepreneurs who are now etching their mark on the face of the planet. The reason behind this high count of entrepreneurs is the conducive environment that Manipal provides its students with, the world class amenities and opportunities such... Continue Reading →

‘The Jungle Book’ Review

The Jungle Book. Need I say more? When I first heard that Disney was remaking The Jungle Book into a live-action movie, I’ll admit I was all too excited. But at the same time, I was really quite worried about whether they’d ruin it. For most of us, this movie was about reliving the days... Continue Reading →


Prometheus, one of the biggest and most awaited fests of MIT after Revels & Tech-Tatva flagged off its fifth edition on April 1st at exactly 00:00 hrs. HawkEye, an online scavenger hunt, and Online Coding, a competitive coding contest, made the night-owls scratch their brains past midnight as they crossed different levels and challenges. Hawkeye... Continue Reading →

Chaud – The Vigilance Interview

When we were asked to interview the Vigilance team of Revels ’16, it’s safe to say Shriya and I were a little apprehensive. We’d seen them patrolling around campus with their intimidating tags, bearing the commanding badge of ‘Vigilance’. They keep unruly crowds in order and are known to be rude and forceful when it... Continue Reading →

Respawn Your Passion

The simple motto emblazoned onto the blackboard was enough to bring smiles to everyone’s faces as they sat in anticipation, awaiting the inaugural meeting of Manipal’s first ever Gaming Club. And anticipation it was, because the meeting in question had an attendance of enough people, to put most EVS lectures to shame. Here is MTTN’s... Continue Reading →

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