Article 19 – Day 3 & 4

ComMutiny Day 3 of Article 19 saw its 7th speaker Saudamni Pandey, Project Coordinator of ComMutiny, conducting an interactive session about the organisation and the concept of a ‘5th space’ for the youth of today. The casual session set an informal tone right away with an introductory session, asking the audience to represent themselves through... Continue Reading →

Article 19 – Day 2

Mo Naga Symbols of pride and honor, brandished ceremoniously in the past, fell through the changing times of progress, to be forgotten and condemned. This is the story of the indigenous tattoos of Nagaland that captivated the audience at Moranngam Khaling, a.k.a. Mo Naga’s talk, on the second day of Article-19, which concentrated on unconventional... Continue Reading →

Lost in Transition: The Mystery of Romance

Throughout the ages, a narrative that never got old, never disappointed and never failed to leave an impact, was romance. Yet amidst all of those clichéd stories often retold, reenacted, and relived, are stories that spark the fiery and extremely complicated emotion of love. A story that aims to unravel a unique bond; powerful yet... Continue Reading →

ADHD – A Definitive Case of Hopeless Dysfunction

Bob is supposed to write an article on ADHD. He switches on his laptop and stares at the screen as the little circle rotates, signifying that it’s booting up. Bob has a relatively quick computer. It boots up in less than thirty seconds. Let’s take a peek into Bob’s head during the boot-up sequence.

Quizzar by The Astronomy Club

“Astronomy is much more fun when you are not an astronomer” All students fascinated with astronomy eagerly anticipated the fourth event of the esteemed Astronomy club of Manipal. Quizzar, as the name suggests, was a quiz testing one's knowledge on the world of astronomy. The name, however, is the word used to describer the center of... Continue Reading →

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