Star Wars : The Last Jedi Review


The following review may contain spoilers regarding Rian Johnson’s latest addition to the Star Wars Franchise.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors alone.

The Light Side


Evil is ascendant, as the Resistance begins to feel progressively​ Continue Reading

A Twisted Affair

Her chestnut brown eyes sparkled as she sipped on her drink. In a crowded room filled with mugs of beer, the crimson in her glass twinkled. Her lips peeled back to reveal a gorgeous set of pearly whites as her date put his arm around her. His palm grazing across … Continue Reading

The Age Of No Retirement

What if Thor decided that perhaps 2,500 years of existence meant now would be a good time to retire from his Norse duties? Asgard would fall.

What if 234-year old Chewbacca were to suddenly proclaim, after all this time, that he was withdrawing from Jar Jar Binks’ idiosyncracies? Would the … Continue Reading

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