A Twisted Affair

Her chestnut brown eyes sparkled as she sipped on her drink. In a crowded room filled with mugs of beer, the crimson in her glass twinkled. Her lips peeled back to reveal a gorgeous set of pearly whites as her date put his arm around her. His palm grazing across her shoulders. “I’m going to go buy myself a drink”, he whispered. “Wait,” she yelled after him, “Let me buy you one.” She completed, grabbing her clutch. “Whatever you say, Madame” he replied, bowing his head in submission.

His jet black hair bobbed along to the catchy beat playing in the background. He was nervous, this was the first time he had ever been in a club. The dance floor was crowded with grinding shadows and the strobe lights gave the club a really trippy vibe.

He saw his date approach him with a drink, her curly hair bouncing back and forth. ‘God, isn’t she beautiful.’ He smiled thinking to himself, as he brushed his fingers through his long slicked back hair. “Here you go.” She smiled, handing him a glass of his favorite rum. He chugged it down in one go, his hands shaking from nervousness and pulled her onto the dance floor in another.

She could feel the effect of the drink hitting him. Smiling, she pushed the pills deeper into her clutch. As he started leaning onto her for support, she smiles, reassuring him that she’d handle things, slowly she started to veer him out of the club. “He’s just had a little too much.” She said apologetically as the bouncer passed her an inquisitive look. Her date started mumbling but his voice was too low to be heard by any passers-by. She called them a cab and let him lay his head on her shoulder.

His roommate wasn’t in town and she was fully aware of it. By the time they got into his apartment which was a few miles off campus he was barely conscious. His mumbling got more audible as the hull of the city toned down. “No…, please… stop thisss…” he mumbled trying to regain consciousness. Jamming the keys inside his lock, she struggled as she tried to force veer his body through the living room without making too much noise. While his roommate might’ve been out of town, the neighbors were still all ears. “Shut the fuck up!” she hissed as she practically dragged him into his bedroom, ripped his white shirt open and threw him onto the bed, unbuckling his blue jeans.

By the time he woke up it was already past noon. His entire lower body throbbed and ached and his head felt like he had been hit by a freight train. He could taste blood in his mouth and could see scratch marks all over his arms. He climbed off the bed weakly, his memory failing him as he kept trying to put two and two together. Picking his clothes off the ground, he slipped into his boxers and glanced into his mirror. Noticing a note at the corner of his mirror, he picked it up and read it, his eyes tearing up as he read each word.

“Thanks for last night. You were great.

– XO” it read, with the name of his rapist signed at the bottom.

Niharika Nayak for MTTN

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