A Fireside Chat with Ratna Pathak Shah

Any popular personality from the glamorous world of entertainment radiates a feeling of panache from their mere presence. From being on the sets of future blockbuster films to attending gatherings and celebrations with the bourgeois, their personality is elusive, almost disconnected with that of the lives of their fans, whose Continue Reading

Travel Stories 9 : Virtuous Varanasi

The Vande Bharat Express, with its sleek, modern and futuristic design, shunted its way to Varanasi Junction Railway Station. At first glance, it did seem to paint an ironic picture. This settlement towards the very east of Uttar Pradesh is known to be as old as time itself, being the Continue Reading

Creak- Day Seven of NaProWriMo


Has democracy started to creak, with the chaos that has broken out?
Whom to choose, whom to trust, with the supposed leaders,
sheepishly stand as demagogues, as political opportunists?

Between jingoistic warmongers, so swelled in their small-minded bigotry,
ready to cripple, ready to kill,
ready to besmirch anyone who … Continue Reading

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