Debate, Dialogue and Dissent – Pro.Verb 2019

The lecture halls of the Manipal Institute of Communication will soon play host to an exuberant affair, a congregation of preachers of great eloquence. Christened as Project Verbal: – M.V. Kamath Memorial National Debate Tournament, but better known as Pro.Verb by the Manipal diaspora, the flagship event by the Y.E.L.L. club is all set to roll out its fifth edition. 

As the perennial proverb puts it, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, the immense status of the current tournament wasn’t achieved overnight. It is the work done by subsequent batches of students over five years. The students first conceived the idea of hosting a debating tournament of Y.E.L.L. in late 2014. It was felt that organizing an annual tournament would be a fitting tribute to M.V. Kamath: – a veteran journalist and the founding father of MIC. Under his tutelage, a communication institute was established in Manipal in 1998. 

 It is his incredulous efforts as an Honorary Director and a member of the Executive Committee of MAHE that the hitherto small endeavour transmuted into an institute of excellence. It has continuously broken into the ranks of the most prestigious media institutes in India. 

The three days of intense debating has always been a pleasure to watch. The highlight of last year’s tournament was the motion of the final, where the house opposed the glorification of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

It was his unparalleled determination and unimaginable vision that took this institute to the upper echelons of higher education in India. Of all the facets in which he contributed to MIC, Pro.Verb celebrates his view of promoting a healthy environment for debate and dissent among the youth. He championed to the organization of events which encouraged intellectual students to express their opinions — consequently, Pro.Verb is celebrated every year with the same effervescent spirit. 

Following the British Parliamentary style of debating, Pro.Verb has slowly emerged as a massive platform for those with a penchant for oration. It also allows budding debaters to mingle with those who share the same passion for debating. Every year, scores of participants throng to MIC from different parts of the country. This year, a total of 34 teams, both from sister colleges of MAHE and renowned institutes such as Loyola College, NIT Surathkal, IIIT Bengaluru, School of Law, and Christ University. 

Pro.Verb is also a gateway for freshers of MIC to gain first-hand experience of pulling together a huge event. With an extensive list of departments working together in cohesion, Pro.Verb leaves them with a holistic experience, preparing them for future endeavours. This year’s tournament will be declared open on the 27th September, with the finals concluding on the 29th. 


Written by Rishi Kant


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