The Sons of MIT

Over here at MTTN, we always take pleasure in talking to alumni who've returned to college. Recently, a trio of friends, all of them alumni of MIT, was in Manipal to preside over MIT's Diamond Jubilee celebration and we got a chance to talk to them.  Anant J Talaulicar, Chairman & Managing Director - Cummins India... Continue Reading →

12 Angry Jurors – A Play by Dramanon

12 people from all walks of life. 12 civilians entrusted with making the decision of sending a man to his death. While battle-hardened 5-star generals around the world hesitate to send men off into battle and certain losses, wouldn’t a panel of common folk be far more prudent in their condemnation? 12 Angry Jurors by... Continue Reading →

Rajdeep Sardesai Visits Manipal

A beautiful rendition of the words of renowned Kannada poet D. R. Bendre began what would be an evening of humor, masterful skirting around of defamation laws, and a strong case for holding onto hope in the seemingly bleak landscape of Indian politics and corporate media. The second endowment lecture in memory of Dr. M.V.... Continue Reading →

What is Manipal?

Even as the South West monsoon rages across South India, thousands of students pour into Manipal to start a new academic year. They bring with them their hopes and ambitions, dreams and fears, and cast them into the personality-forge that is Manipal. Shy becomes quietly confident, being loud and boisterous turns into being masterful at... Continue Reading →

Learning Languages in Manipal

Manipal is one of the most diverse places you'll ever have the pleasure of living in. In just my very first week here, I met students from Botswana, the US, Canada, and from all the Indian states I knew about and even some that I'd never heard of (sorry Tripura). My crewmates in MTTN tell... Continue Reading →

The Manipal Directory

We believe that every city, every town and every village that we live in should be explored to its last square meter, its facilities used judiciously to sustain the local economy, and the region's delicacies be consumed with gusto. The Manipal Directory is something that was born out of that ideal, as a service by the... Continue Reading →

All about ION WiFi in Manipal

One of the best things about Manipal is the ubiquitous availability of WiFi wherever you go. But there's a caveat, the pervasiveness of ION doesn't come uniformly, and there's a fluctuation in its services over time and in different areas. That's why this article exists, as a guide to getting the most out of your... Continue Reading →

A Night Beneath the Stars in Manipal

For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent Van Gogh That the atmosphere scatters light is known to all. We associate this with the blue sky of the day but fail to consider the night and its intense lights. Even in a relatively small... Continue Reading →

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