A Friendly Reminder

Dear person-reading-this,

Things are really hectic right now. Hours, days, weeks, months, you can’t really tell where one ends and the next begins. There’s too much electricity in the atmosphere, every moment charged with a palpable tension. It’s a lot of stimuli to take in. It’s not seeming to slow down any time soon, but that’s alright. You can slow down if you want to. You are the ringmaster of your own circus, your own life.

Expectations build, the workload rises. The nights get longer, you accomplish further more by the day. It’s an endless blurry cycle of trying to reach greater heights, so your future self will thank you— but in that loop you sometimes forget, you need a future self to thank you.

It’s admirable to want to improve yourself and push your limits. In fact, I’m actually so proud of you for every little initiative you take. Everything is significant and special, no matter how trivial it seems to an outsider. I’m proud of you on your good days, and just as proud on your bad days.

I only write this letter to remind you that nothing is more important than your state of mind, the person you are, and the person you want to be. Life may seem like an insane race right now, but sometimes you just need to forget everything and do something that truly makes you feel alive.

You are a candle, burning bright and lighting up the lives of people around you. Don’t burn out too fast. No matter what happens, don’t lose sight of the spark that brought you to where you are right now. Sometimes that spark just needs some re-kindling. We all have our own ways of resetting and regulating ourselves. The slump you’re in will not last. It will settle down, and if you are lost, you will find your purpose.

You can mould the life you want to live the way you have been all this while— by dreaming and working towards those dreams. Now let me ask you— when was the last time you ate a meal that truly nourished you? When was the last time you felt fully rested? When was the last time you just enjoyed the weather, and felt peace? Or listened to a song that made you feel things a little more deeply? Or had a catch-up with an old friend? These are simple pleasures of life, not to be forgotten or treated as a luxury, but to be recognized as a necessity.

I hope reading this leaves you with a little more clarity. I hope you allow yourself to feel your emotions. You are not alone in your journey, there are many people backing you up. Never forget it. Keep your chin up, set out to do whatever you really want to do in this life. Decorate the piece of time you have been given on your own terms. You can do whatever you set your mind to! And don’t forget that the most beautiful thing about you is that you’re human. You have boundaries and limitations that must be honoured.

Whether I am physically with you on your journey or not, know that I am with you in spirit and cheering you on always. I hope you don’t forget the message I tried to get across. All will be alright in time. 

With love, care and a permanent promise of solace,
A silent supporter.


Written by Dhriti Bharadwaj for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Diana Traykov

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