Travel Stories 7 : Comfortably Numb at Baku

Usually, the cultural explosion takes place right when the tourist steps out on the streets of the foreign city. But for your beloved narrator, this happens way before that; the moment he enters the airport. Surely, airports aren’t supposed to be that different right? All of the airports at cities in India have that massive... Continue Reading →

When We Got Mail

One day after a lot of procrastination, I set to the daunting task of cleaning out my closet. After mustering the courage to shift around a few things I hadn’t touched in months, I inadvertently caused the contents of an entire shelf to come tumbling down. Several things were part of the wreckage: cobwebs, dust,... Continue Reading →

Music: On Repeat

Science has always been a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to the arts. It is never enough to simply appreciate a work of art for what it is, or whose it is, or when it was from or just how much effort went into its making. All of which are... Continue Reading →

Auld Lang Syne

On the 100th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a key event that began the French Revolution that has graced our history textbooks since, in 1889, Paris played host to the Exposition Universelle. Many things were to come of it, as did from its cousin in America, the Columbia World Exposition. One of these... Continue Reading →

STD Awareness: Treatment Options

According to a recent study, sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most common ailments that spread quickly from person-to-person. Most of the STDs infecting a female have a high risk to be vertically transmitted to her offspring to cause congenital anomalies. As a clichéd adage says, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound... Continue Reading →

Saw Something Funny In The News Today

'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' is the terrifying logical fallacy of bureaucratic oversight, not least because it is spelt out in Latin - the linguistic equivalent of a mother half-yelling her son's full name after discovering that he's crashed the car. Rather, it is reminiscent of an old parable favored by scientists. Once as a physicist... Continue Reading →

The Dega-Dega Chronicles

You are either familiar with the sounds of the two weird hyphenated words in the title, or are juvenile in the world of the nocturne. When the midnight hunger pangs are brutal, especially if your fridge is as empty as streets at night; when you are agitated, your stomach is growling, your head is howling;... Continue Reading →

Yon Emerald Spires

The slumbering ents of Tolkien's mythology are easy to envision among the towering trees that dot Manipal. Where groves gather, a soft wind blows; as if the trees reminisce of times gone by whilst we pass by oblivious to their sighing voices. Even though the bark-clad denizens of Manipal are fewer than they should be... Continue Reading →

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