Letters to your Favorite Place- VGT

Today, when the night is vicious—tearing him apart and making him go numb, this is the only place he’ll come.

On day one, as he entered those giant gates, he knew life would change, but to what extent was a question. Unknown to everything, he just walked and looked all around, trying to absorb the environment he had entered. Reaching the destination, he looked up until he bent to make a ‘C’ and breathed with a sigh of relief, “Nice”.

Suddenly, he saw a large group of people dressed up and walking towards an unknown place; leaving all his bags, he walked with them and ended up stranded in a pool of people. Being a little anxious, he turned around to move away from there when a hand fell on his right shoulder and asked, “first year”?
“Yes”, he said, with a little shiver in his voice. “Don’t feel shy, bro; let’s go inside”, the guy said. They rushed inside the Venugopal Temple, commonly known as VGT. His face lit up with a big smile, chanting “Ganpati Bappa Morya”.That’s when his lips mumbled the word “home” for the first time on campus, because he knew he had found his mate.

Just like this guy, VGT is an unforgettable part of our stories too. Entering the college with the festive season around the corner, little did we know that this place would become so special to us. The Dandiya Night became a way to loosen up and be ourselves. It was the first time everyone went out as a class together and bonded over every tiny detail they could find. Whether it was people wearing the same clothes or dancing together and singing at the top of their voices—these little things mattered a lot to us, and all of this started at VGT. When most of the campus was celebrating Diwali back home, people who stayed here gathered in this very place to celebrate the festival of lights and happiness, appreciating that all of us are together for the next few years of our lives.
When the evening prayer starts and the temple bell rings, it symbolises an alarm for us to do our respective chores and be mindful of our responsibilities. Knowing that VGT is designed and structured by an architect who sat on the same desk as ours gives us hope and fuels the desire to fly high and do wonders in life.

VGT, you aren’t just a temple or a part of this campus. You’re an emotion with which we share a special bond that is beyond our understanding. Giving us comfort on the days we reminisce about the time spent miles away at home, you hold a special place among us.


Written by Shubhangi Garg for MTTN

Edited by Parva Mehrotra for MTTN

Featured Image by Vanisha Ganesh for MTTN

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