Because I Wanted To Thank You

To a precious but slightly tired soul, 

                         I noticed you’ve been struggling a bit. The pressure to be  functional, productive, and perfect member of society is crushing. Sometimes the oxygen escapes your lungs, and darkness is all you can see. You’ve been fighting battles no one else knows about. Keeping your demons at bay is a never-ending challenge. 


       It’s so much to deal with, and I know you want a respite. I’m not here to invalidate your feelings– just to remind you that yes, while the darkness is overwhelming, you’re so much more than your demons will ever be. It’s natural to feel yourself wither away in the monotony of daily life, but I just want to open your eyes to what makes you. I want to remind you of all the little things. And I pray you never lose sight of that. 


       Some people make the world special by just being in it. Yes, you, that’s you. You’ve touched a lot more lives than you think, trust me. Remember that one time you smiled at a stranger? You probably made their day. Ever helped someone in need? The impact you had on them is way beyond your imagination. People aren’t always the best at expressing their emotions, and that’s okay, just know that you are a lot more special than you think you are. 


Let’s draw the curtains, and allow me to paint a picture for you. The canvas is blank, and my words are the colors. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. You feel a fresh, cool, breeze hit your face. It fills your bone-tired body with new vigor right? You’ll always find that breeze. It carries new hope with it. 


      The gears in your mind turn in time to the tune of your favorite artist, and their lyrics are etched into your heart. Your relationship with them is precious and unique. The emotions you feel when they sing a particular line with raw passion, makes you feel alright, doesn’t it? 

       No one knows the comfort and wholesomeness of your favorite food the way you do. The hands that prepare it want to sustain you and see you thrive. So much love goes into preparing the food. I know the days are a blurry mess, but a pair of strong, loving arms long to cage you into an embrace. Long to hold you and make you feel safe and protected. Remember that one person you were friends with but you haven’t caught up with in a while? They’re waiting for your call. They want to relive the magical memories with you. 


       Hang on. You’re yet to see your wildest dreams come true. You work day in and day out to see them come alive. You’re almost there! And keep in mind that so many good things lie ahead! Maybe you’ll find your true purpose (and I pray you never lose sight of that), and accomplish something pleasantly unexpected. 


       Maybe you’ll meet the one person who completes your soul and becomes the air that you breathe. You haven’t met some of the best people in your life yet, don’t let some of the current people get you down. I hope you visit all the places you want to in this lifetime, and they fill you with the hope and wonder you see when you close your eyes to dream. 


      I know that in your struggle, you’re simply looking for a hand to hold, and a heart to listen. I am here. My words are your constant reminder that you are so precious, loved, worthy and strong. I wrote this letter, simply because I wanted to thank you. Thank you for fighting. You’re seen, heard, and loved. It will get more bearable in time. Don’t wish yourself away. You are as important as the sky, Sun, Moon, and stars. Thank you for staying. My hand is held out for you, whenever you want to take it. 

                            All my love,


                                           Someone who is thankful that your heart is beating. 


Written by Dhriti Bharadwaj for MTTN

Edited by Tejas Kulkarni for MTTN 

Featured image by Ravina Cai

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