People Coming Together in Public Transport — Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo 2023


As the sun spans from one corner of the sky to another,
and the new moon adorns the berry-black sky,
I must once again play witness to human druthers.

Birds of all feathers flock together at these crossroads,
accompanied by gentle rocking, and destination codes.
The resilient wheels roll over these unending roads and rails,
across rapidly transfiguring landscapes.

Some faces are familiar, others indifferent to my memory,
but what never changes are the emotions which scurry.
The young entrepreneur and the hopeful pilgrim seated side by side,
relish the same experience on the journey to different abodes.

Is there a bend in the road ahead where they meet again?
Or is it not meant to be anything but a dead end?
Their mouths don’t say a word, their eyes give it all away.
I look forward to them finding that serendipitous stranger for another day.


Written by Samrakshini N and Chaitanya Pandey for MTTN

Edited by Shivraj Herur for MTTN

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