Tokenism: The Wrong Path to Diversity

In recent years, all industries have seen a surge in the participation of minority populations across the world. This has led to a world-renowned discourse, hence coining the term, Tokenism. Tokenism is the act of involving minority societies worldwide, whether in the media or the workplace, to show inclusiveness to Continue Reading

The Echoes of a Distant War

“All the world admires, a deed well done. And I think, with all modesty, we can say that we have done this action…well”
-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in an address to the Indian Parliament, 18th December 1971


How is a nation born? How do people find common ground, to Continue Reading



Oh, weed. Enthusiastic users all over the internet claim it unlocks our brain’s full potential. They say marijuana shows us more dimensions than we can imagine, like three weren’t enough. On the other hand, the image of your mom waiting, slipper in hand — is a cogent enough argument Continue Reading

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