Cults: Deranged or Enlightened

On the morning of November 18, 1978, the tiny nation of Guyana was shaken by scenes straight out of a fever dream. Guyanese officials had arrived at the small settlement of Jonestown to find it littered with hundreds of bodies—918, to be precise. It would later come to light that Continue Reading

Myth Or Fact: ADHD in Women

Short attention spans, restlessness, impatience. These are things all of us regularly experience and while this trinity may seem perfectly normal to us (and it is, in small amounts), what happens when it interrupts our daily routines? It’s called inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity and is considered by many psychiatrists to … Continue Reading

The Cognizant Citizen: The Atlanta Shootings

Racism Fuels Violence and Dehumanization: How A (White Man’s) “Bad Day” Had Fatal Consequences.


Atlanta Spa Shooting: What Happened?

The Asian-American community is left feeling desperate and vulnerable to increased hate crimes and violence. The fears, far from mere imaginative anxieties, spelt out during what is now called the Atlanta Continue Reading

Tokenism: The Wrong Path to Diversity

In recent years, all industries have seen a surge in the participation of minority populations across the world. This has led to a world-renowned discourse, hence coining the term, Tokenism. Tokenism is the act of involving minority societies worldwide, whether in the media or the workplace, to show inclusiveness to Continue Reading

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