Moneypal—Manage Your Finances

Have you ever approached the end of the month with your bank account drier than the state of Gujarat? It is universally known that being broke is just a part of the classic college experience. However, this situation can be a catalyst for learning good financial practices, which will help Continue Reading

Stock Market 102: A Deep Dive

The vast intricacies in the money market got easier to explore after the first article in the Stock Market 101 series. Simple terms surrounding shares, stock exchanges, and market trading would’ve got you thinking about the Thrify to Nifty catchphrase.

Well, yes, it’s a given that individuals with minimal experience Continue Reading

Stock Market 101: From Thrifty to Nifty

Stock market⁠— the money market of the common man. If you have ever thought of investing, you must have found yourself lost in the labyrinth of words. While you made your way through countless definitions, you may have lost the will to go any further. Although the strategic intelligence required Continue Reading

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