The Acronyms of Manipal

Manipal isn’t a big city, but our campus is spread over 230 acres of land and each part has its own unique parlance. With so many colleges, organizations and landmarks, names can get mixed up. So instead of memorizing the names, we choose to know the acronyms and abbreviations instead. … Continue Reading


Course: Socialising 101

Course duration: Anywhere between 20 minutes – forever

Course objective: To make you adept at being able to talk about anything, from the versatility of potatoes to whether life is possible on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.


Remember how simple it was back in the day, when you … Continue Reading

Why Manipal?

As the board exams and entrance exam results are released, there is only one thing every ex-12th grader is thinking about: “Which college should I join?” If you’re wondering whether Manipal should be on your list of colleges to consider, this article will hopefully answer the questions that are probably … Continue Reading

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