A Handy Guide to TechTatva

With TechTatva on the go, there’s so much around to look out for. The fest is a combination of so many thoughts, ideas, and cultures that it makes you want to experience it all for yourself. While each event holds its significance, there are some things that are too good Continue Reading

Before You Ask: Freshers’ FAQs

Q1. When should I arrive for my orientation? Is it necessary for parents to come along?

Arriving a day before the date allotted to you, with reference to your branch orientation dates would give you sufficient time to settle in before you attend the orientation. While it is not necessary Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshers,

You’ve probably been dreaming of college all your life, and it’s finally here! You must be insanely excited, maybe a little scared, even apprehensive? I know it must feel so strange, to be leaving home and having to call your own shots now. You’ll miss your old school, … Continue Reading

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