The Social VIP Ticket: Male Privilege

The term ‘male privilege’ might ring unfamiliar in your ears. Is it really possible that four syllables could singlehandedly explain why you got interrupted midway through a sentence, why the pockets on your pants are miniature “pockettes”, why you couldn’t drink alone at a bar without having to deal with … Continue Reading

Me Too

Navratri, this year, has been made special by the replacement of song and dance with closeted allegations and withheld claims of the women of our country finally seeing the light of day. The accumulation of atrocities faced by them behind closed doors, followed by their subsequent and ignored cries for … Continue Reading

Your body, your rules

The significant rise in the number of rape cases and the fact that a marriage certificate is permission for the husband to force physical contact on his wife and get away with it is a testimonial to our country’s sad reality, a reality where the people still do not know … Continue Reading



It’s been almost a month since we flinched at our TV screens and shrank at the sheer atrocities women of this nation face.


We know how 2017 started off. The initial uproar has died down, but let’s recall what happened anyway.

On 31/12, thousands of people gathered in … Continue Reading

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