Deliberation of A Dream: A Moment of Epiphany

As I sit beside that window sill, on my decrepit wooden chair,

A farce hurries my head, a vague dream is present there!

Senses now diverted, my head is in a stir,

I ache for an objective, but it yet remains a blur.


Days return to nights and these nights don’t seem to conclude,

Remaining awake for hours, figuring out the very things I convolute.

While standing gaily on this crossroad, staring past a perceived horizon,

Eventually the dream is born, manifesting as rays of a dawn’s sun.


I often catch myself lost, daydreaming about a prospective day,

Where I have achieved my grandiose dream, but suddenly it’s a may!

The opportune day may arrive, but it may not as well,

“I can’t just keep dreaming about this!”, I shout, then a latent voice comes to tell.


Be it my inner monologue, or my own officious conscience,

Some impetus captivates my faculties, bringing an end to this abeyance.

A bellicose vigour rushes in my veins; a desire to work enables,

Scrambling to my feet, I begin to mould my dream and break this hiatus.


Written by Yoihen Elangbam for MTTN

Edited by Advaith Gurunath for MTTN

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