A Letter to the Men

A letter to the man who held me for the first time,

as if I am some diamond that he found in a mine.

To the man who defined my life’s every paradigm,

Thank you for everything you have done to help me shine.

Thank you for reprimanding me for all of my crimes

and for listening to every single one of my whines.

To the father whose actions I have always been trying to mime.

Thank you for always standing behind me, stronger than my spine.


A letter to the man who taught me all the tricks,

and how to throw a good punch and a few kicks.

Thank you for building my playhouse brick by brick,

And hiding in it with me through every thin and thick.

To the man who always fights me for all my treats,

But gives me the first bite of everything he eats.

To the brother who helped me deal with every defeat,

Thank you for teaching me that even failure can taste sweet.


A letter to the man who handled all my mood swings,

With a smile on his face, he helped me discover my wings.

To the man who shared so many of my drinks,

Thank you for always bringing me back from my ruins’ brinks.

My partner in crime and a personal shrink,

Thank you for every time you didn’t let me overthink.

To the friend who never lets me go a day without his teasings,

Thank you for turning all my storms into springs.


A letter to the man who kissed me under the mistletoe,

And danced with me on our favourite tunes, leaving footsteps in the snow.

To the man who played the strings of my heart like a pro,

Thank you for holding my hand and never letting go.

To the man who pushed me to fly every time I felt low,

Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to say “no”.

To the lover who painted my sky in all the colours of a rainbow,

Thank you for every time you held my dull face in your warm hands, making me glow.


Written by: Khushi Sarwa for MTTN 

Edited by: Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by: Arushi for MTTN 

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