Source—Day Six of NaPoWriMo

It is a relentlessly burgeoning wildfire
Each tree razed right to the root
The branches of a persona forever lost
If the source of this blaze were ever to be found,
It would be of no consequence
For the forest is already a smouldering ruin

Little scintillations still light up this ruin
Sourceless, like their parent wildfire
They besiege and incinerate each flailing new root
To ensure that all greenery remains lost
To ensure that tranquillity will never be found
To uphold this undeserved, unsourced consequence

For there is always a ‘why’ to each consequence
But here, the cause is the flame responsible for this ruin
A vagrant tongue of flame that spread like wildfire
A lying, pathetic, measly little root
That in its own carnage is lost
That is gleeful in the warm knowledge that it will never be found

But there is one thing that certainly has been found
It is the fact that truth bears no consequence
The fact that a falsified ember can cause one’s ruin
That a single spark can cause a wildfire
That no one cares about the warmth at a person’s root
That no one supports one whose reputation is lost

For it’s the forest of people that’s been burnt and lost
The forest of compassion that’s too charred to be found
Where each baseless lie had a fiery consequence
Where no baseless lie could cause one’s ruin
Where chivalry glowed as bright as a wildfire
And the ashes fertilised each person’s root

But the rot has seeped in as deep as a root
And the truth is that each one of us is lost
When we’ve forgotten our source, how can we be found?
We have no limits, for we fear no consequence
We are the tainted flames that cause endless ruin
With black teeth like coal, spreading rumours like wildfire

And even if what is lost is someday found,
Its root persists, but it’s a tainted ruin
And the wildfire’s perpetrator faces no consequence

—Written for MTTN by Ankitha Giridhar

—Featured Image by Chirag Bansal

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