Touch — Day Six of NaPoWriMo 2021

My last serenade to you

Of splintered dreams and unpainted hues.

The ardour of my abode on a cold winter night,

The warmth of your embrace in delight.


With empty words and soundless chimes,

I mingle in the shadows, devoid of this touch of thine. 

A mother’s anguish, my father’s first sob,

Away in the distance, my heart throbs. 


To wrap the dwelling in glee,

To know how to make a home, with you and me;

The aroma of ginger that brings heyday, 

The caress of mon amour that makes it stay.


From sun to sun does my heart beat,

My heart aches as the city sleeps.

Devoid of the touch, devoid of a place to call my own,

In the unbounded asylums of my mind, does it soar.


Written by Radhika Taneja for MTTN

Edited by Siri Rajanahally for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Jenrita Castelino for MTTN

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