India Rides : Time for a Monsoon Adventure

Looking for adventure in the first weekend​ of this semester? This monsoon, India Rides assures us that it’s raining exciting offers.

On Sunday, the 30th of July, IndiaRides is organizing an exclusive ride for the Freshers’ batch of 2021 from 2-7:30pm.

Charges for a single seater : ₹150

Charges for a double seater : ₹200

This weekend, take the time out to explore!

Sure, we can find the ideal weekend getaway in Goa or Gokarna, but how can you possibly turn down a refreshing ride down the enthralling Arbi falls, the rejuvenating Malpe breeze, the mesmerizing Mattu beach and so much more?

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Autos and buses may be the easiest form of transport to catch, but they won’t be nearly as thrilling as a road adventure! That’s when IndiaRides, a student-based startup for bike rental services in Manipal comes into the picture.

On the 27th of July, 2017 India Rides will be commemorating their first anniversary in Manipal.

As a token of their gratitude, they’ve got exciting offers upto 50% off running till the end of this month! Do you really want to miss out on what promises to be such a thrilling escapade?

Just in case you were under the misconception that it couldn’t get any better, one lucky rider stands the chance of winning an absolutely free ride!


Founded by Tanmay Bohra, a 2016 batch EEE student from MIT, IndiaRides offers sports bikes and Activas for rent on a daily basis. They’ve got 3 outlets with 53 first-rate vehicles. With impeccable customer service, India Rides ensures that every client is greeted with one hell of an experience. Primarily a youth-friendly organization, they are reasonably flexible about their rent hours and purchases. So all you need to do is ignite the venturesome spark in you, and India Rides will ensure you receive what Coldplay only sang about- an adventure of a lifetime.


When Aditya Sriram and Tanmay Bohra were in their sophomore year, they always felt the urge to explore-but never found convenient means to do so. Back then, rental services were harder to find than a pink elephant- and even if you did spot one, their procedure was always too tedious. There was the genesis of the idea for a start-up, to provide the much-required service in an easy and affordable manner.


If you’re unsure of where exactly you’d like to wander off in the adventure oasis that is Manipal, they’ve got you covered. They’ll guide you on the best locations suited to your taste, so much so that you’ll begin to feel like it’s tailor-made just for you.

What further incentive do you need? Set this semester off to a roaring start with India Rides. Discover the hidden majesty of Manipal like never before.


Address : Shop No 4, Mandavi Emerald, End Point Road, Manipal, Karnataka -576 104

Phone : 96863 25168

Ayush Agarwal and Ananya Roy for MTTN

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