Innovation and You: Hult Prize MAHE 2022-23

Hult Prize MAHE is the university body for an international theme-based entrepreneurship pitching competition that selects a team among the vast pool of MAHE students to qualify them for the next round. In a Shark Tank-esque format, the final global winners receive a million-dollar seed fund, among many perks for their unique entrepreneurship venture. 

On 12th February 2023 at the MCH Hall of MSLS, Hult Prize MAHE saw through its OnCampus round with a massive event. The inauguration began with an introduction to the guests and Hult Prize, an address by the faculty advisor of Hult Prize MAHE, Dr. Mohammad Zuber, and a welcome speech by the Campus Director, Rajeswari Subramanian.

The first part of the finale was a talk show with the chief guest, Mr. Harish Uthayakumar, founder of Bluelearn, Forbes 30 under 30 and TEDx speaker. Mr. Harish, a successful entrepreneur at the mere age of 22, spoke about various facets of his life. His student-relatable answers to personal, entrepreneurial, mindset and future planning-oriented questions were the morning’s highlight. In the audience interaction section, his answers covered personal problems like time management to understanding the profit path of Bluelearn before the talk officially ended.

This year’s theme, ‘’Redesigning fashion to make it more sustainable,’’ brought out various creative solutions from the 11 finalist teams. Judged by a diverse, bountifully experienced panel comprising of four judges, armed with an internationally standardized scoring system, the participants were forced to bring out their A-games. The competition soared high with presentations including all facets of the fashion industry, from cloth swapping to globalization.

Yashraj Verma, Mohiet Iqbal, Abhay Singh Solanki, and Govinda Tapdia of team Vira 
were judged to be the winners for their innovation in making shoes with recyclable materials with a successful prototype as the key to their pitch
. After an address by the judges, the first, second and third-placed teams were cumulatively awarded cash prizes of INR 30000. 

The seven-month-long-in-working event concluded with a Vote of Thanks to everyone that led to the successful execution of this event, Innovation Centre MAHE, the judges, the guiding faculties, the participants, the speakers and guests, the media and outreach partners and the members of the club Hult Prize MAHE 2022-23. All in all, the event was triumphant in establishing its main goal— inspiring the spirit of  innovation and entrepreneurship.


Written by Nishant Choudhary for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Images by Anna Mullasseril and Ria Gulati for MTTN 

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