Asterion 2019: Part Two

The latter half of Asterion continued with the same level of enthusiasm and gusto that graced the first two days. Here’s a short report on the events that were conducted:

EM Simulation

The Emergency Medicine workshop organized by Tempus Pretioso was aimed at
giving the delegates hands-on experience in basic medical practices commonly
used in casualty. The procedures taught were spinal stabilization, catheterization
and Ryles tube insertion, interosseous line, thoracocentesis, defibrillation and
ABG estimation. The procedures and theory were explained first, followed by
a demonstration. The delegates were given the opportunity to perform the
procedures on mannequins followed by an interactive doubt clearing session.

Over 20 teams participated in this intriguing game where the students were asked to hunt the room for clues which would lead them to finally diagnosing the “Mystery Case”.
 Each team was given 20 minutes to solve the case. The participants had to be quick on their feet and had an adrenaline rush every time they figured a clue out.
This thrilling game of medical conundrums was put forth by the members of Cutting Edge, and they definitely were successful in justifying the title of their event. It was a fun and innovative way for students to apply their theoretical knowledge.
Doctor Vs Wild

Tempus Pretioso’s Doctor vs Wild workshop was held on August 10. With the recent rains, the
overgrown greens looked like nothing short of wilderness, as the participants squelched their muddy
way to get to their patients.
The scenarios included high altitude sickness, bee sting, and snakebite among others. A novel
experience by all accounts, this was certainly a fun conclusion for day 3 of Asterion 2019.

Bowel Anastomosis Workshop

The bowel anastomoses event, a collaboration between the Cutting Edge society and the
surgery faculty of KMC, was conducted with real human specimens in the dissection hall. Dr
Ramesh Singaraddi, Dr Vijayendra Kedage, Dr Reethesh Shetty and Dr Badareesh L taught
participants side-to-side and end-to-end techniques of bowel anastomoses.

Compos Mentis Quiz

Compos Mentis, meaning ‘having full control of one’s mind’, was the final event of Asterion 2019. It was organised by Justitia, along with the Forensic Medicine department of KMC Manipal. This quiz was organised into various stages, the first being the preliminary round out of which the top 12 teams were selected for the semi-finals. The top 4 teams that emerged after battling it out qualified for the finals where they navigated through different rounds to claim the winning title. The winners were from KMC Mangalore, the 1st runners up from RIMS and 2nd runners up from AJIMS.

– Written by Suhita R, Vagisha Dahiya, Mihika Antonia Dean and Sanjana Shastri


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