C’est La We Have To Dance

“That’s life”.

What serves as an expression of resignation for things we simply must endure, the French expression was reborn on the night of the 26thof August,2019. C’est La Vie, a dinner-and-dance event organised and executed by the Social Welfare Committee (SWC) of KMC, kicked off at seven pm and ended reluctantly at ten pm.

SWC transformed T.M.A. Pai Hall 2, avoided by students as much as possible owing to its day-job of serving as an exam hall, into a carnival-centric dance-floor. A theme that hadn’t been attempted in SWC’s recent history, the carnival theme stood in stark, cheery contrast to the dreary, gloomy Manipal rains of August. Over a month of planning reached a crescendo in the final two weeks, with embellishment and prop-making being completed with unbounded fervour. Glittering streamers, rainbows, cut-outs of acrobats and carnival-esque food stalls brought an undeniable Cirque Du Soleil air to the space. Catering exclusively to the student body of KMC, SWC had arranged for every type of student.  For the dancers, they created a dance-floor replete with chromatic lights and DJ Varun, a music-mixing veteran from Big Shot. Crowd favourites from last year like ‘Udd Gaye’ from Ritviz and ‘Rang De Basanti’ featured in this year’s playlist and compelled dancers to even climb atop the stage to dance. For the peckish wallflowers, they built food stalls overflowing with burgers, ice-creams, popcorn and soda.  For those who wanted Instagram-worthy photos, they constructed an entire wall with a sitting bench abounding in decorations and props.

For an event that unabashedly revels in opulence, C’est La Vie is organised with a substantial purpose: charity. The proceeds from tickets sold this year were donated to Sanskriti: Girl Child Fund for impoverished children admitted in Kasturba Hospital.

Written by Mihika Antonia Dean

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