Strategic Steps to crack MU-OET


With the exam season back in town, students who have just given their 12th boards are gearing up to face the actual competitive exams to enter their new phase of life. Here are a few tips and tricks to ace the Manipal Online Entrance Test – for MBBS:


  1. NCERT textbooks = Sacred book

It is indeed a cliché statement, but the truth shouldn’t be denied. Get yourself acquainted as well as thorough in all the topics covered in these books because most of the questions relate to them. Referring to additional recommended books would, of course be worthwhile!


  1. Solve lot of previous year question papers

Working out question papers boost your confidence. Time yourself for less than the actual duration of the exam (two and half hours) to complete one full paper, this would really help you as you would then have sufficient time in the end to go through the doubtful ones.


  1. Concept clearance

As the exam is just a few days away, it neither would be possible nor is it advisable to read through the books completely. Thus it would be better, you check and mark/grade your performance for every paper you solve. For every mistake you commit, get back and refer that concept. Revise it in such a way that you would be able to answer any sort of question posed!


  1. Handy-list

Prepare a list of formulae (for Physics) and important reactions (for Chemistry) which is to be revised before the test. Believe me, this would be a saviour!


  1. Theory of elimination

Since all the questions are of multiple-choice type, this is the best trick. In almost 80% of the questions, two options would be such that they’re completely unrelated to the question and hence could be eliminated (a completely hypothetical theory, but did work out for many). It is now comparatively easier to choose the right answer with 50% probability for each.




  1. Do not Panic

Face every question with a Stance of Confidence and Surge of Determination! Never ever get disheartened or demotivated. Keep calm and do your best! Digest a lot of heathy food such as fresh fruits, almonds and do drink a lot of water. This enhances the activity of one’s brain.  Also, do take a few breaks in between to relax your mind. On the same note, stay away from distractions such as Video games or starting to watch a new TV series.




  1. What is the type of Entrance test?

MU-OET 2015 is an online based exam.


  1. What would be the test syllabus?

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General English including questions based on the 10+2 Syllabus followed by major 10+2 Boards/Universities.


  1. What is the Test Pattern?

Duration: 2.30 hours

Total questions: 200

Approximate distribution: Physics – 50; Chemistry – 50; Biology – 70;

English and General Aptitude – 30


  1. Is there any scholarship for meritorious students?

Yes, Manipal offers a wide range of scholarship for deserving candidates. For more details, click here .


With a strong belief in yourself and last few days of hard-work and extra effort, gather up the courage to tackle the upcoming exams! On behalf of MTTN, I wish you all the very best and hope to see you in our college the upcoming academic year!

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