The Babas are at it again – UTL Presents Baba Nights

Baba Nights is a platform that gives performers – from stand-up comedians to slam poets and singers – an opportunity to showcase their talents to a rather exclusive and enthusiastic crowd. In this rather mundane and monotonous college life, it breathes in entertainment by uniting people from different colleges under one roof. This time around, Baba Nights was organized on two days with each event standing out in terms of performances.

Day 1: BABA NIGHTS OPEN MIC: RELOADED (25th October, Hakuna Matata)

The event commened with a strong stand-up comedy act. The mood was light and the hands were in the air,  as cheers mounted on the relatable quotes and remarks. There were a few first time performers and as well as some familiar faces on the stage. The event witnessed the thought invoking slam poets who questioned the importance of numbers, spoke about the derailing force of depression and motivated the audience to fight back, amidst others. The tense air was relaxed by a few comic acts and acoustic sessions. The event saw all shades of moods. From cheers to tears to beers, it was the perfect amalgamation of emotions and entertainment. As always, the event was marked by a house-full audience.

Day 2: BABA NIGHTS x Saby Singh (27th October, Eye of the Tiger)

After a great show on 25th October, UTL presented their second show in three days but this time, bigger and more exclusive.

Thursday saw a glitzy affair at Eye of The Tiger. The eighth edition of Baba Nights, presented by Untied Laces, received a marvelous response in terms of audience. The vivacious crowd gathered at the event by 6:15, and immersed themselves in chatter until the room fell hush when Amit took the mic to get things underway with his stand-up comedy act. He talked about how we’ve grown up from “­How much did India score tonight?” to “How much did you ­score for the night?”

Next up in line was Farzana Palathingal; a familiar face among Baba Nights regulars and slam poetry enthusiasts alike. She captivated the audience who went ‘snap, clap and wow!’ with several epistolary accounts of her past which were aimed at her past lovers, her mother and lastly, whoever needed it at the time (as she suggested).

UTL has a penchant for one-upping themselves by presenting one new form of an act, every time.  Besides, this was the last Baba Nights for several of their founding members and regular performers such as Manahar, Devansh and Farzana herself.*

To lighten the mood of an audience that had grew pensive and sentimental after two soul touching performances, Jagad Ravimohan got the crowd rolling on the floor laughing with his comedy. He began with a commentary of a typical morning in 10th Block (and how difficult it is to perform basic hygiene rituals), followed by his struggles to get into a lift. Brilliant voice modulation, delivery and relatable topics of the jokes made for one of the most hilarious stand-up comedy acts Baba Nights had seen, so far.

Jagad Ravimohan explains what waking up in 10th Block with one choking on a bug feels like
Jagad Ravimohan explains what waking up in 10th Block with one choking on a bug feels like

Last in the array of the regular performers was another stand-up comedy act by newbie Shubhang Yadav. A first year, he has already carved a niche for himself with his acts. Though visibly nervous, he composed himself and went on to deliver joke after joke. Some of them being self-deprecating about him being on the healthier side, and some critical and sardonic about those who treat people with obesity as a third gender. Nonetheless, the crowd was left gasping for air, as one could hear someone whisper in the crowd that their chest hurt from excessive laughter (though there’s no such thing as too much laughter).

The crowd, still recovering from the breathlessness, gathered themselves for the musical part of the evening. Singer and songwriter all the way from Jammu and Kashmir, Saby Singh was visibly exhilarated to see the audience. He began his show with one of his originals called Kaash, followed by Together and proceeded to cover popular songs like Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Yellow by Coldplay. The mellifluous aura of his voice, coupled with the powerful strums of his guitar resonated across the room and enthralled the audience, who only kept begging for more. He gave a blast of a finish to the show with a couple of his own songs. By the end of it all, all those present had a new artist to follow.

What’s commendable about the event, other than the varied talented line-up of artists, was the organisation. The event started and ended on time, the crowd was well catered to, and there were no technical glitches. The sound system of Eye of The Tiger was absolutely on point, which made the evening as good as it was meant to be. Kudos to the organisers!

-Shravani Vyakaranam and Agnihotra Bhattacharya for MTTN


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