The Greatest Showman: Abish Matthew’s Dynamic Stand-Up

From the moment he entered the stage, his immense persona seized an unmeasurable degree of control over the audience’s attention. All eyes were on his sweatshirt, his baggy pants, Nike shoes, and his evergreen grin. All ears were hooked to listening to his booming voice, narrating stories that cracked up the pressure cooker in our heads formed by the sessionals. To sum it up, Abish Matthew had a delightful course for us, steamed and ready to serve.

On the 4th of September, 2018, Manipal witnessed the charismatic Delhi-bred Malayali Catholic who is now among the front-runners of stand-up comedy in the country. Las Viegas Comedy Club in association with 5 Stars Ke LOL Stars hosted the event at Fortune Inn Valley View, which has catered to hosting a number of stand-ups including big shots as Kanan Gill and Daniel Fernandes.

The highly anticipated show commenced lift off by someone who can only be referred to as a bazooka, an upcoming stand up comedian based in Manipal with a bizzare collection of intellectual comedy for our masses; the young and daring Kartik Sadvij. The appetizer was delivered by the enigmatic Shaad Shaafi, whose one-liners were quite the stunners. His quirky perspective of the world from where he derives his content was quite astounding. And then came along the main course of the night, served by a master chef indeed. A wide range of atrocious topics was covered; from parent’s ‘affectionate gestures’ to delicate Malayali swear words, the inequality between men and women (and their genitalia) to the weirdest of drunk stories. Although he chose to tread a path between light humour and offensive content, he did it with care and grace. Each one of his jokes had a highly detailed backstory that provided a lot of substance to his on-stage shenanigans. And his lines about women empowerment in terms of the standup comedy industry, although quite unnecessary for his set, were well received. His explosive voice was a highlight in itself, resonating along with the endless guffawing by the students, each grin on their face indicating how glad they were that the tickets were worth every penny.

A quick Q&A with the audience, while they were leaving the hall, reveals to us that public opinion is that the show was quite the humorous story-telling session, with plenty of witty anecdotes and well-timed jokes that made the entire room ring with laughter. It was just as expected of Abish Matthew, and LVC Club who have made this event possible, and kept tickling our funny bones till the very end.

Sanjay Kumar for MTTN

– Photographed by Akshat Chourasia and Jyotinder Singh

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