Hostel Guide: The Boy’s Blocks

It’s that time of the year again, when friendships  are reforged, alliances rewritten, pledges sworn and every second question is, ” bhai GPA kitna hai?”. No,we’re not talking about placements. We’re talking about the great MIT hostel rush.

For centuries, mankind has relied on the power of  friendship and alliance to survive. Where money and power fail, words have come to the rescue. The fine art of diplomacy has been mastered repeatedly and is any nation’s greatest weapon in the modern age. But nowhere is the application of the above said art more visible than during the hostel application season in MIT.


Delving in the annals of time reveals a slightly worrying trend when it comes to hostel allotment. There’s no denying the fact that MIT’s intake has increased sharply over the past few years. While this has no doubt lead to an increase in diversity/number of new clubs/startups etc. certain areas like the hostel allotment process have been strained due to the overload. One memorable scene I remember, is my 7.5 GPA friend being denied a room in 9th block. Armed with a letter addressed to the chief warden, he entered the office but was greeted with a waist-high pile of similar applications and a collective sigh by every employee in the room with “Na Ho Payega” writ clearly across their faces. In fact, due  to the inability of the hostels to accommodate everyone, some students were asked to shift to the KMC hostels as well. But this was all two years ago, last year the process went relatively smoothly with fewer disgruntled applications.

Knowledge is power and here we are with a comprehensive review of each block, to help you make a well-informed decision.

9th/10th Block:

single/2 sharing, common(10th)/attached(9th) bath, Non AC.

The view from the 9th Block Window

With 10th block being Asia’s largest hostel, very little can be said about these blocks that isn’t already common knowledge. Both blocks are fairly comfortable to live in and the architecture of the halls ensures a constant pleasant breeze blows through continuously.


  1. Wide choice of rooms
  2. Large block, ensures access to a large number of people.
  3. Breezy and open corridors(10th Block)
  4. The canteen nearby serves legendary icelime and decent food.
  5. Annapoorna mess is right next to the blocks
  6. The blocks have their own basketball court and a makeshift cricket area.
  7. In 9th block, internet speeds are fairly consistent at 1 mbps. In 10th, it depends on the location of the room.


  1. Getting to one’s room can take a while
  2. Far from the college, residents of 10th block may take upto 20 minutes to walk to college.
  3. The 9th Block can turn into a brick kiln during the day owing to its geometry and direct sunlight falling on the building.


14th/15th Block:

Single/2 Sharing, Attached Bath, AC/Non AC

The identical twin blocks 14th and 15th

Undoubtedly one of the most sought after blocks in MIT. These two blocks are the literal embodiment of the phrase “Knowledge is Power’ since it takes a kickass GPA(or a roommate with one) to secure a room here.


  1. Upmarket and well furnished room
  2. The rooms are quite spacious with proper study tables and book shelves.
  3. The view from the top floors is intense.
  4. Excellent night canteen with room delivery.
  5. The block also has T.V rooms and TT tables.
  6. The site for some of the best pranks played in the hostels.


  1. Poor Wifi Connection(depending on the room).
  2. Certain rooms,facing the valley are prone to insect infestations.


19/20th Block:

Double Sharing deluxe, attached bath, AC/Non AC


One of the coolest blocks to live in. If walking 20 minutes uphill and lack of AC isn’t a dampener then this block is for you. The 300+ ft corridor is legendary with many an activity such as Skateboarding, target practice, football etc. being witnessed here.


  1. Individual rooms with a common kitchen area and a bathroom. Lends a sense of privacy with the security of a roommate.
  2. Quick dashes between rooms is very easy owing to the small size of the block
  3. The rooms are well furnished with a shelf, table, chair , bed and cupboard.
  4. Rare insect issues.
  5. The back gate is 20 steps away and hence one can hire an auto speedily.
The small size of the block makes it easier to flit between rooms.
The small size of the block makes it easier to flit between rooms.


  1. Takes a lifetime to reach college and most of the walk is uphill.
  2. Lack of AC in most rooms, though they’re being added.
  3. Costliest block.
  4. More often than not,one lands up taking an auto to class. This setup turns out expensive.

For a complete list of hostel rules and regulations- press here

For the contact info of all mails and telephone numbers as available-press here

For structured fees on various hostel blocks-press here


Picture Credits: Sankar Nath and Yohaan Markose

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