Opinions Through The Ages: A Clash or Congruence?


Technological advancements, industrial growth, political scenarios, global demographic—the last few decades have seen enormous changes and transformation. In such a dynamic world, it is natural that perceptions across different generations differ as well. We might have clashes of opinions about social, political, or religious issues, or we might even Continue Reading

No Kidding- I Don’t Want Kids

Envision this. You come home late, tired from work. The floor is spotlessly clean, just the way you left it in the morning. There are no Legos sinisterly waiting for you to step on them, no notices requiring your signature, no homework to check, no worrying about tiffins to be … Continue Reading

The Other Half of the Story

It was the darkest day of the year. The sky was draped with countless constellations, each spelling a different story. Mount Olympus reached into this jewelled drapery, causing wrinkles that recast events and refashioned lives. This is one such episode.

In the beginning, there were three parents— the sun, the Continue Reading

Stifled Minds in Quaran-times

Disclaimer: The article contains quotes from people suffering from mental health issues and addictions and includes mentions of self-harm. Names used in the article have been changed for their privacy. 


February this year saw the first cases of Covid-19 in India. By March, many of us had packed our Continue Reading

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