Colours of Love: Pink

You carved little hearts out of the cement,

and I laid down the foundation of the road.

We paved the path together, and now you repent

for creating with me, your house and my humble abode.


Our hearts, which were once whole, are now empty with agony,

I forwent … Continue Reading

Seasons Of Love – Monsoon

Mi amor, come as abundant as rain,

Pervade my senses, render me restless,

Hold me in your spell. Do you see me swell

Akin to columns of wood, whose fortune you tell?

Beckon me from the shade, whence you dwell –

Illuminate every creature under your spell.


There’s no … Continue Reading

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence



When you hear the term “artificial intelligence”, you might think of robots taking over the world or computers dominating every aspect of our lives. But AI fulfills many roles that were once considered too complex for machines to learn.


For decades now, computers Continue Reading

Colours of Love: Red

I arrive in her cheeks,

his hands in those hair,

that kajra hanging like it’s always belonged there

the arms hugging from behind, the lips on that neck.

There’s snow outside yet warmth in that home felt infinite

Dancing, yet again, to that flop song

With that twinkle unexplained, those … Continue Reading

Summer Love

The Sun heralds another morning

Beaming all-knowingly with a sly grin 

As the summer breeze wafts in 

Bringing along a comforting scent 

Of warm vanilla with a tinge of cocoa

And I smile as I recall her

An alluring figure, full of wonder

Her mere absence renders my heart asunder… Continue Reading

“Miska, Muska, Mickey Copyright!”

“Miska, Muska, Mickey Copyright!”

Disney Copyright Report


Tucked comfortably in our blanket, watching ‘Mickey Mouse’ to heal our inner child sounds like the perfect plan for a cosy evening. “Muska, Miska, Mickey Mouse!” says our childhood friend, and while we are still contemplating why he said the magical words Continue Reading

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