The Validation Game

Call it an accident or fate, by the serial flicking of stories on Instagram I came across a 15-year-old’s. Two girls in a frame, very keen on validating their friendship on camera, and the caption was “My adopted mom” It may seem scandalous, but relax it’s just an outburst of … Continue Reading

Absence—Day Five of NaPoWriMo 2021

The Stairway I have always known.

Whose banisters I could never discern. 

Those cryptic steps are polished, woodtone.

Its temperament bent and taciturn.   


I tread in a place of no return—

The first newel post remains unshown. 

Sense not its start or when it’d adjourn—

The Stairway I have Continue Reading

Ruin—Day Three of NaPoWriMo 2021

“Oh, where do we begin?
The rubble or our sin?”

The temperature rises,
the clouds roars at their sins,
and they run from the hell they created,
leaving behind the rest in the rubble.

Darkness looms over their heads,
a volcano starts to find its way;
Hoping to turn everything … Continue Reading

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