The Great Indian Judge

In India, ‘The Word’ spreads fast. Compared to the world, probably the fastest. The Indian Society, known for its well-knit family structure and community strength all over the world, also plays a seemingly interesting role. The role of a judge⁠— a very brutal judge. Its verdict seems to be of paramount importance to itself. It... Continue Reading →

Dear Coronavirus

Dear Coronavirus, No, it is not fun anymore. Binge-watching only makes sense when I’m under academic pressure. And while I’m not a fan of social gatherings, I’d prefer to have an option. Online Ludo is not the same as the real thing and I am not going to play it till I can feel the... Continue Reading →

The Lockdown: What It Is and Isn’t

  Caught in a bedlam, desperate need of clarity? In this troubled period, we at MTTN greet you with an optimistic hope that you are well and making the most of this lockdown. Not necessarily by being productive, but also by treating yourself to some much-needed self-care. While measures are being taken to keep everyone... Continue Reading →

Violence Within Homes During Lockdown

Who knew that we would be witnesses to such a catastrophic event in the world, the likes of which has never been seen before? To prevent the spread of a tiny virus, we are confined within the four walls of our homes and forced to give up our education and businesses for a limitless amount... Continue Reading →

A Quarantale

  What is the biggest threat that this planet has ever faced? Climate change? Artificial intelligence? Nuclear war? These might seem foremost in the list of things that'll eventually bring our doom. And there's only one factor of commonality between all of these. Us. We once thought we were invincible. We once thought we reigned... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: A Global Epidemic

The data presented in the following article is updated as of 9th March 2020. The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has everyone in a state of panic, and rightfully so. With a death toll of around 3000 and the number of cases around the world being 111,366, this rapidly spreading virus has been confirmed in... Continue Reading →

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