Sakharam Binder and Surpayan – A Review

  The walls of the Gangubai Hangal Auditorium were filled with a multitude of applause following the two centre stage performances by Manipal Institute of Communication’s theatre and dramatics club, Kalamanch, in their grandest production for this semester. The first performance was an adaptation of the legendary Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkar: Sakharam Binder followed by an original... Continue Reading →

Pro.Verb: Day 3

Pro.Verb 2018 saw a participation of 28 teams from both sister colleges of MAHE and colleges from across the country. The Core Adjudicators present throughout the three days of the tournament came all the way from Delhi and Bangalore. The tournament is organised every year by Y.E.L.L, the Literary and Debating Club of SOC, in... Continue Reading →

Article 19 – Day 3 & 4

ComMutiny Day 3 of Article 19 saw its 7th speaker Saudamni Pandey, Project Coordinator of ComMutiny, conducting an interactive session about the organisation and the concept of a ‘5th space’ for the youth of today. The casual session set an informal tone right away with an introductory session, asking the audience to represent themselves through... Continue Reading →

Article 19 – Day 2

Mo Naga Symbols of pride and honor, brandished ceremoniously in the past, fell through the changing times of progress, to be forgotten and condemned. This is the story of the indigenous tattoos of Nagaland that captivated the audience at Moranngam Khaling, a.k.a. Mo Naga’s talk, on the second day of Article-19, which concentrated on unconventional... Continue Reading →

Rajdeep Sardesai Visits Manipal

A beautiful rendition of the words of renowned Kannada poet D. R. Bendre began what would be an evening of humor, masterful skirting around of defamation laws, and a strong case for holding onto hope in the seemingly bleak landscape of Indian politics and corporate media. The second endowment lecture in memory of Dr. M.V.... Continue Reading →

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