Women’s Safety: The International Situation

The safety of women and men in any country is a matter of importance. Security, equality, and justice are fundamental human rights everyone deserves. Women from all walks of life live in a constant state of fear. They fear judgment on the basis of their gender. The innumerable threats and offences they face every day... Continue Reading →

Women’s Safety: The Situation in Manipal

Safety— according to a quick Google search— is the condition of being protected. But safety, for most of the women in India, means anything but that. For many women, it means fighting a constant battle for their right to live; sometimes from the second they are born. For others, it is unsafe homes they cannot... Continue Reading →

Women’s Safety—The Situation In India

India is a country of vast culture and beliefs. We adorn our women with the jewels and statuses of gods. We call our country “Bharat Mata”. However, most of this respect comes in the form of them just being mothers. Women are rarely looked beyond their role of a caregiver; someone whose sole duty is... Continue Reading →

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