Vedanth 6.0 – Day 2

The second day of Vedant was an exemplary display of application of different fields of engineering. It managed to attract a fairly large audience, and with a range of ideas and their implementations, the event could successfully boast about its creativity.

Following are the ideas that were presented by the contestants based on which the judges made their decision:

Smart Farming: The concept of this project was trying different ways of generating fertilizers and cater to the needs of the farmers. Here, the project was based on using the fish excreta to make fertilizers that help the farmers. It stands true to the fact that not all that is waste is useless.


Smart Home automation: This project may well present the need of security that our homes need especially when we are out. This idea of this project stemmed from this idea. It was based on creation of an app and monitoring the house with the help of this app and its features.


Anomaly: This team came all the way from shankarapura. The motto of their project was to ensure the safety of mobile devices, mainly cars. It was a novel idea on how the car can get registered only when you have a driver’s license. This ensured road safety. The idea was implemented using sensors that were placed on the car key that recognized the finger print to of the person on whose name the car was registered. This certainly is the need of the hour for it’s the easiest way to ensure road safety.


Smart menu: Imagine entering a hotel you are a regular visitor to and having the menu displayed at the earliest on a digital platform with your previous orders in history making it possible to easily re order you favorite dish. This was the plan this project came up with. This could be a step further to digitalize the manual meu system at hotels.

Project Indriya: A world in which impairment is seen an as a disadvantage, a few bright minds that have the capability 0to turn this disability into an advantage. One of those people was the team of project indriya. The aim of the project was to help the visually impaired people to help walk without worrying about the distance of objects from them.


Process automation by using Arduino and GSM: India is an agriculture dependent country with half of the population depending on rain for their daily income. The objective of this project was to reduce the harm of the rain on open filed by placing rain sensors that detect rain and spread a trampoline to cover the crops. The second aspect of the project was to prevent damage of the buildings under construction during rain by placing sensors that detect cracks.

HandTAP: The Wearable Keyboard: It is a modern keyboard that allows the user to input data into the system using minimal movement. The keyboard was integrated into a glove for ease of access and could  be used to enter data without moving hand. This is yet another example  of technology taking over.

Energy efficient robot system: A power distribution system designed keeping in mind the irregularities of the Indian roads so that the power system doesn’t get disturbed is an ideal situation could be realized in this project’s implementation. Its star feature being its ability to balance power in case of any surface irregularity.

Braille system: It was based on making braille alphabets and stimulating what’s presented on the screen. This is one of the examples on how disability can be turned into an advantage.

Robotic Hand– The projects name says it all. The actions of the hand were imitated by the robotic hand that was designed in such a way that the data sent to the transmitter is sent to the palm that drives the servers and the motion gets replicated.


The competition amongst the teams representing the above mentioned projects was incredibly close and was judged by Dr. Somshekhar Bhat (HOD ECE), C Shivanand Reddy (Assistant professor ECE) and by Dr. Harish Chandra Hebbar ( CEO of MUTBI).

What seemed like a really well presented model took an year of effort, dedication and hardwork. Vedanth 6.0 stood true its motto of bringing “projects for social betterment through technical solutions”. It was an arena for engineers willing to apply themselves. What made the event successful was the diversity of models and how every project, every model helped build the gap between application and book knowledge.



Shravani Vyakarnam for MTTN

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