Namma Angadi

When a few MIC students visited Namma Bhoomi in Kundapur for a management project back in 2003, little did they know it would burgeon into an ingenious endeavour in organization and artisanship.

Here was a glorious opportunity for the SOC students to test their event management adeptness in a real-life scenario, by providing a platform for rural artisans to sell their highly evocative and aesthetic artwork.

Namma Angadi is a handicraft and handloom exhibition organized by the M.A. Media and Communication. This CSR initiative is undertaken by postgraduate students of event-management and planning, in association with Namma Bhoomi and CWC(The Concerned for Working Children). The 14th edition of this event, scheduled to take place at the School of Communication from 3rd-5th March will definitely be one to mark your calendars for. To further add to the ingenuity of this enterprise, all raw materials employed in manufacturing the products are entirely hand-crafted.


The embroidery, bead work, wood crafts, pottery, printed and woven garments are all an expression of the folklore and entrenched culture of Namma Bhoomi. The exclusive range of their woven works are invariably imbued with the social and cultural hue of the rural artisans, thus adding a personal touch to each commodity.

The exhibition presents an array of products with both utilitarian value and aesthetic appeal, and bears prospectives for these artisans in eminent emporiums and art galleries.

The event commences at 9:30 AM, and will be inaugurated by the chief guest Vanita Pai, the Director of Art1st- a foundation committed to inciting a creative inclination in children and educators alike.

Namma Angadi 2017 will host a plethora of organic and eco-friendly goods ranging from apparels, furnishings, bed linen, accessories and food items amongst others.

Each year the event observes a visitor-count of more than 15000 people, comprising residents hailing from Mangalore, Bangalore, Karkala, Udupi and Manipal.

Keeping in tandem with the programme’s theme, even the decor is designed to be entirely organic. The premise will be adorned by the traditional chapara (a ceremonial tent shelter made of coconut leaves), amongst other ornaments designed by the students.

Breathe in a bit of Namma Bhoomi( our earth), get lost for a while in the intricacies of this artistic querencia.
This exhibition cum sale of handloom and handicraft products promises to be one to look out for.

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