Cremation: An All-Boys Club

As a little girl, the concept of death was both frightening and alien. The first loss I experienced was of my grandfather (Dadu) at the age of ten, and for months I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I won’t see him in the morning with his newspaper Continue Reading

Are You There, God? It’s Me, An Agnostic

The word agnostic translates to ‘without knowledge’ in Ancient Greek- which captures the essence of agnosticism. It is the idea that the existence of any divine being is unknown. Used interchangeably with the term ‘atheism’ by those less well-versed in the vernacular of religion, which is the explicit disbelief in Continue Reading

We Need To Talk- In Regional Languages

My relationship with language has always been tempestuous.


When I was five, my great-grandmother narrated folktales in our native language of Mewari. I wasn’t fluent in the language, and I barely understood it. But I never interrupted her storytelling, enraptured by her quaint stories about the rat that went Continue Reading

Dog Meat- It’s Not What You Think

Every Pedigree ad on TV, every Instagram influencer posting minute-by-minute updates of their tail-wagging buddy’s day, even movies like Hachiko all confirm one saying: Dogs are a man’s best friend. Their favorite chew toys, their preferred times for a walk (even if it’s at the crack of dawn), even their … Continue Reading

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