Development of COVID-19 Variants

Darwin posed the Theory of Evolution in his book ‘On the Evolution of Species’ in 1859. His obsequious studying of minor changes in birds of the island of Galapagos, later termed ‘Darwin’s finches’ depict the process of evolution. It was clear to Darwin that minor, heritable variations in the offspring Continue Reading

Windows 11: The Next Revamp For Microsoft

The enthusiasm that surrounds tech products is normally saved for high-profile tech giants releases, who frequently launch a new flagship piece every few years. However, since Microsoft unveiled its new operating system (OS) in a virtual event on June 24, there has been a level of anticipation not seen in Continue Reading

5G: The Distant Evolution

Time waits for no one, but neither does innovation. What started with dial-up phones has led to bezel-less phones and network speeds unimaginable. We stand at the precipice of a networking breakthrough with 5G on the horizon. Yet, it seems to be shrouded in scepticism.  


The road to 5G

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