The Modern Lifestyle Diseases


Human lifestyle has changed its purpose over the years. What was once a simple hunt for food on your plate now has so many more elements added on to it. We’re working, traveling, meeting new people and as society developed, we’ve realized that there’s a lot more to life than just basic food and shelter.  Let’s take a look at four overlooked diseases that have already silently taken over our world.

Disclaimer: All the mentioned diseases are completely fictional and are only used to highlight problems in our non-fictional world.



Ever found your thumbs inexplicably moving from left to right? Have you accidentally double tapped an object that you liked in real life? Are your hands permanently in a claw position as if you were supposed to be holding something?

Well, these may be the symptoms of The Fidget Fingers Disease. Commonly known as TFFD, this fast-spreading disease has affected millions of people across the globe. Scientists have traced this virulent illness’ origins to the countless applications on everyone’s phones.

Incident: Anjali, 19 from Mumbai decided to seek medical attention when she swiped right on a guy she bumped into at the mall.

Prevention- Spend some time away from your social media accounts.




The leading cause of many long-term disabilities, the Calorie. Coli bacteria renders victims unable to consume certain foods. Food not containing excessive sugars, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup or preservatives appear to not be consumable to affected individuals. The sight of low-calorie food can also pose a threat to the vision of the infected persons.

Incident: David, 27 from Texas threatened to sue a popular a baking company after he found pieces of carrot in his cake.

Prevention: Get used to eating healthier.




This daunting disease targets the brains of teens and adults alike. A person having Fatigue Fever goes through three stages before fully becoming a couch potato.

  • 1- Unwilling to make any physical movement.
  • 2- Angry outbursts at anyone who they see exercising.
  • 3- Individuals may find themselves not being able to get out of their couches surrounded by pizza, beer and Netflix playing on their laptops with no understanding of the world around them.

Incident: The marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Clarke took place entirely on couches with most guests viewing the event through the live stream.

Prevention: Get fit before it’s too late.



You’re friends with someone. But recently, you’ve noticed that you never see them anymore. Plans to go drinking? They have work. Plans to study together? They don’t pick your calls. Plans to go for a movie? They’ve seen it already.

Unfortunately, this might mean they’re affected by the Tick Tock-fection. Other symptoms may include hair loss due to stress and overflowing to-do lists. Suddenly, this person never has time for you. Sadly, he wasn’t gifted with 24 hours in a day like you, the poor guy maybe only has 4.

Incident: Mr. Koyaza from Tokyo reportedly grew from the age of 26 to 27 in a span of just 2 weeks.

Prevention: Prioritize.

Now that you’ve read about the diseases, take a look around. Maybe the perfect lifestyle you’ve been following isn’t so ideal after all. Perhaps you’re already seeing symptoms of one of the diseases in yourself or the people around you. Good news; unlike the pathogenic diseases that plague our world, these diseases are very much curable. A fast-paced society doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on our lifestyles. Practices like eating healthy, maintaining relationships and regular exercise shouldn’t have to be sacrificed to keep up with our always evolving lives.

Try seeing how different your day can end up just by making minor tweaks in your lifestyle. Who knows, you might like it.

Picture credits: Akshat Chourasia

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