Colors Of Love – Yellow

Dear Best Friend,

I’m going to take a shot at expressing what I usually would in emojis, dad jokes, and memes in words. Keeping that old-school vibe alive, am I right?

You entered my life at the most unexpected time—my happiest accidental. When I met you, something clicked. Somehow you broke down my walls and clawed your way into the crevices of my heart: it was all yellow. You filled each day with warmth, laughter, and a little more hope. Slowly, subtly, but surely.

As the days went by, I loved you a little more. We made so many memories and spent so much time together. You’d rarely see one of us without the other. You always made the good days brighter and the bad days more bearable. It’s almost as if you left a trail of golden yellow light in your wake each time we were together.

Late night walks, we’d stroll in silence as the breeze hit our faces and talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes we’d just get overwhelmed with the monotony of everyday life, sit under our tree and play music until the spark to carry on was reignited. I’d feel this intangible, glowing yellow ball of light in my chest every time.

You’d give me your shoulder when my head was too heavy, and we’d sit in silence. It’s crazy. The world often tires me, but all I need to feel okay again is some time with you. It’s crazy that in such a short period, after a long, hard day, the home I want to come back to is you. You’re my home away from home. I don’t think you’ll ever understand how special you are, my yellow.

You’ve helped me overcome so many of my fears. You’ve been by my side and held my hand whenever I left my comfort zone. Celebrated all my wins, big or small, and stood by me through my low points. If that’s not love and friendship, I don’t know what is.

I like how easily things flow with us. The way we never really have to force anything. How it’s alright if one of us isn’t up to lively discussion and we can sit in comfortable silence? The way you finish my sentences sometimes. Or one of us cracks a bad joke, and the other adds to it with a worse joke, and we’re just laughing until our stomachs ache and our lungs beg for air.

It’s not something we often speak about or celebrate; these are just fond memories I store and look back at on a rainy day. And I like it this way. We were decorating this precious little piece of time we have been given in our own unique and personal way. Building a castle of memories as the days go by.

I hope someday we can go on all those crazy adventures we’d planned. Europe, Hawaii, Australia, Amsterdam. Tick each destination off of our wild bucket list. Imagine trekking through the mountains, digging our feet into the golden sand as the sun sets over the horizon, trailing through the forests, and wading in a meadow of yellow tulips as we reminisce our shared past. And we sigh in contentment when we see how far we’ve come.

Behind the roasts, jokes, and insults, I am grateful you’re in my life. I can’t express things in the best way, but I hope to celebrate us through actions. I hope we spend many more nights looking at the sky for stars. They shine for you in everything you do. And when we leave, it’s all yellow.


Written by Dhriti for MTTN 

Edited by Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN

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