The Cognizant Citizen: Queer Chronicles


A Chapter In Pride


The road to LGBTQ+ rights has been defined by remarkable perseverance, fortitude, and several landmarks. While the hardships and injustices encountered by the LGBTQ+ community must not be disregarded, it is also critical to recognise the significant progress made in recent decades.


This … Continue Reading

Symbols Of Pride

As pride month draws to a close, the insignia of this unsung war burn brighter than ever.

Artefacts imbued with great meaning have risen from the fertile earth of this decades-long struggle. Like the two sides of a coin, there are stories of terrible oppression hidden behind these rich and … Continue Reading

For You, Too

This is a letter to those people who are always there for everyone but somehow never for themselves;

You’re the dependable ones, the ones who are always just one call away, who don’t like saying no when people need you…

The kind of friends that are completely sorted according to … Continue Reading

If Only You Knew

My childhood is a blur

Most memories faded

Yet, stamps remnants of emotions inside

Especially yours, only after death,

May it fade.


Writing about you feels silly.

For Words couldn’t possibly explain.

Impact of grand magic and simple beauty

The birth, life and death of which are at the Continue Reading

Juvenile Sensibilities

Life is but a Sisyphean task,

And I’ve almost reached the end;

Wanting to accept the inevitability of being mortal,

Yet, my mind keeps rolling back down

To times of the past, instead.


The boulder passes the point of no return;

And I’m transported back to that dreaded mid-life:Continue Reading

Holi – Beyond Colors

The festival colours, Holi, has always been one of the most celebrated festivals across the country. The beauty, thrill and pure joy unite people despite age and socio-cultural differences.

We are in love with the idea of Holi. The festival of colours makes for some awe-inspiring visuals and camaraderie. Indians … Continue Reading

Seasons Of Love – Monsoon

Mi amor, come as abundant as rain,

Pervade my senses, render me restless,

Hold me in your spell. Do you see me swell

Akin to columns of wood, whose fortune you tell?

Beckon me from the shade, whence you dwell –

Illuminate every creature under your spell.


There’s no … Continue Reading

Colors Of Love – Green

You remind me of a time when I used to be happy,

Perhaps that is why when I see you, I still smile sometimes,

You mistake it for adoration, the slight circling of hands, scaling your hair behind that follows,

Your lips stretch to free your teeth as you turn … Continue Reading

Colors Of Love – Yellow

Dear Best Friend,

I’m going to take a shot at expressing what I usually would in emojis, dad jokes, and memes in words. Keeping that old-school vibe alive, am I right?

You entered my life at the most unexpected time—my happiest accidental. When I met you, something clicked. Somehow … Continue Reading

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