A Letter to Ma

The bond between a mother and child is something which is made up of pure love. Each relationship is unique and begins long before the child’s birth. A mother is a friend, guide, and teacher. She is the only person in a child’s life who understands every problem faced by them, without even having to explain. She stands like a pillar in front of every problem. A mother’s love is unconditional and pure. She is a person who will continue to love you no matter what, a mother will never judge you by the amount of money you earn or your appearance. Her love for her children will not depend on these factors instead she will always be there with you in your good and bad times. She will never ask you anything in return, just a smile on her child’s face is enough to melt her heart.

A woman, when she becomes a mother tends to become stronger, and that is the time she understands the true meaning of “ma”(mom). The entire span of 9 months that she spends bearing the baby in her womb, she not only creates a special bond with the baby but also starts loving the baby unconditionally despite the pain and problems. The amount of joy and happiness a mother gets right after the childbirth, just by holding the baby in her arms is irreplaceable. From the time the baby is in the mother’s womb till death, a mother plays a major role in a child’s life.

Just giving birth to a child does not make a woman, a mother. Being a mother comes with huge responsibilities, it means the life you lived once will change forever because a new little being enters your life. When a child is motherless, the father or sibling may become the mother figure in their life. No mother can bear to see her child suffer or get hurt. Every mother has this strong urge to protect her children from the harsh reality of this dystopian world.

Birds lay their eggs and make different kinds of nests to camouflage the eggs, thus protecting them from predators. Marsupials, on the other hand, keep the joeys (infant) in their pouch for about six months before letting them out to live on their own. Amongst all these animals, there are Cephalopods who die immediately after their eggs mature, thus giving space for the future development of offspring. The world is pretty magical and unique in its way.
So here’s a letter addressing all the mother’s out there who have been there through thick and thin.


Dear Ma,
Thank you for always being there, for being who you are and never changing yourself for anyone. Thank you for all the nights that I have kept you awake or waiting for me. Thank you for bearing all my mood swings and explaining to me the true meaning of life and never thinking of giving up on me when times were rough. Remember all those times when you used to be mad at me; where there was only love and anger on the outside so that I improve myself. Mom, you just know when the blanket slides down my body at night, and I’m not feeling well. You catch my lies when I tell you I have eaten but actually haven’t. You know it before I say it because this bond is not made in a day or two; it’s made way before we came into this world. You know which of our friends will stay and those who won’t. You helped me go through the ‘I am over him’ phase to ‘I think I still love him’. You have seen it all, been through every stage in my life.
You have been there through my thick and thin and seen me at my best and worse. Taught me how to enjoy each day and live in the present moment and most importantly be happy in whatever I do in life. You are the one who always told me to learn to let go. You cannot rush the process of life; life happens differently for everyone. No matter how perfect a person’s life seems there always are obstacles and problems upholding; you taught me to take every every failure as a learning experience.

After growing up, I made a new world outside yours forgetting I was your world. I thought you didn’t understand me, but despite all the differences you never failed to put up with me. I became so busy spending my new life that I couldn’t understand how much you worry about me. You gave me everything I ever wanted; you took care of me. Today when I was at the hospital, for the first time in my life I witnessed the birth of a baby, and maybe that’s why today I can understand the relationship between a daughter and a mother.

I have always wondered as to why any human would go through 9 months of immense suffering just to bring a little creature to earth. The complications do not end even after childbirth, and there is the risk of vaginal tearing, prolonged labour, rupture of membranes and what not! Just thinking about all these horrors, gives me a chill down the spine. Undoubtedly, you mother, are the strongest person I know.

Thank you for always protecting me from the lecherous eyes of the society. Mother, I promise to stand by you at all times and shower you with all my love and respect.
Sorry, Ma and Thank you!
Happy every day, my everything!

“It is true
I was created in you.
It is also true,
That you were created for me.”
Maya Angelou


Written by Radhika Chatterjee and Sayantani Saha.

Photograph by Krishna Hemant

Edited by Abhishek Mishra.

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