Pro.Verb: Day 1

The 4th edition of Pro.Verb, School of Communication’s annual national level British Parliamentary debate tournament kicked off on the 28th of September 2018. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the chief guest Dr Poornima Baliga, the pro-vice-chancellor of MAHE. It started off with a welcome address by the conveners … Continue Reading

New in Town: Ribbons and Balloons

Here’s a piece of good news to all those with a sweet tooth, Manipal now houses an outlet of Ribbons and Balloons, a leading confectionary brand spread across Mumbai, Pune and Mangaluru. What sets Ribbons and Balloons apart from rest of the bakeries is its striking location and proximity to … Continue Reading

Freshers’ Orientation 2018

Remember your first few weeks at Manipal? When you thought clubs were just for drama and sports or nerds who think robots are cool? Or when you thought nothing exciting can really happen at an engineering college? And then the Fresher’s Orientation happened. The Student Council, MIT in association with
Continue Reading

New in Town: Belgian Waffles Co.

Apart from being the setting for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and their fancy glassware, the only other reason most of us know about Belgium is for their waffles. Having taken the country by storm in the past couple of years, Belgian Waffles Co. has now opened its doors in Manipal.

We … Continue Reading

Dawn of a New Era for Open Source

Microsoft has gone on an acquisition spree under Nadella in the recent past as it bought LinkedIn for X 2 years back and now GitHub for Y. Microsoft has taken several steps in the last few years to bridge gaps with Linux, what its former CEO Steve Balmer once called … Continue Reading

Before You Ask: Freshers’ FAQs

Q.1) When should I arrive for my orientation? Is it necessary for parents to come along?

Ans. Arriving a day before the date allotted to you, according to your branch would give you sufficient time to prepare for the formalities before you attend the orientation. While it is not necessary … Continue Reading

Big Data: The Oil of the 21st Century

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion in 2016, many believed Satya Nadella wasted his money. But what he had acquired was something more than a mere social network for job seekers; he had taken control over the world’s most massive, extremely powerful and frequently updated databases functioning in the … Continue Reading

A Letter to Ma

The bond between a mother and child is something which is made up of pure love. Each relationship is unique and begins long before the child’s birth. A mother is a friend, guide, and teacher. She is the only person in a child’s life who understands every problem faced by … Continue Reading

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