Beyond the Fence: The Manipal Project


“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” – N.H Kleinbaum

As the rain lashes down the hill top while you run for shelter in broken sheds, we take you down a journey where people meet people and cities are made in memories. We kick off our photo poetry project as we take on Manipal, one verse at a time.

My feet are still soft
Tender from last nights dream
Where I stood
On the other side of the fence
Where blue and blue blurred with green

The light poured down the cliff
As the birds left for the clouds
The clouds foamed in the valley
If your home was a glass jar
And the world had its key

Will you sleep in peace
Knowing that someone will save you
Or will you shatter the walls
Before the sound of your own voice left you to seek more.

And if you were caught in a maze
With unknown faces
Will you befriend the devil
Before the devil befriended you?

Maybe you’ll jump the fence
Or let someone in
Maybe you’ll enter the maze
Or deny that people exist.

And for now I stand here
Behind the fence
Away from the world
Or the world away from you.


– Peeyush Chauhan and Nishant Sahoo for MTTN.

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